Awards for Individuals

Arielle Busetto - 19
St Clare's Oxford, United Kingdom 

Arielle has been tireless in helping to sustain our international ethos. She has managed and engaged in a series of activities that have brought together students from a wide range of countries and helped to foster international understanding. She gave a mature and thought-provoking key note address at our MUN.

Blythe Brandon - 18
Zurich International School, Wädenswil, Switzerland

This award is in recognition to Blythe's outstanding contribution and dedication as the founder of the ZIS chapter of 'For the Children Left Behind', a service project focused on helping orphans in Moldova. Blythe did a great job of starting and organizing this new service club and GAPtime service project at ZIS. She had all meetings well organized in advance and had committees headed by other students promoting leadership in others. She also organized a trip to visit the orphanage in Moldovia and has managed to find student leaders to take over the group after she graduates. Well done by a new student-led service group here at ZIS.

Shona Casserly
The British School, New Delhi, India

Compassionate by nature, Shona Casserly has shown sustained commitment to community service projects, by volunteering at a local orphanage in New Delhi where she taught literacy skills and mentored teenagers. Shona also led a peer mentoring programme at school, using her initiative to help younger students from diverse nationalities to transition into the school. A keen environmentalist, Shona is also deeply committed to animal welfare, evidenced in her involvement in local initiatives to rehabilitate and vaccinate street dogs. Shona embodies cultural sensitivity in all her interactions with members of the school and local community.

Jae Hyuk Chang - 17
The British International School Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey 

Recognising the difficulty faced by English speaking teachers discussing issues with Korean Parents in Parent-Teacher Conferences, Jae took the initiative and offered his services as a translator for Primary School PTC’s. This has made a great deal of difference to the Primary School and their dealings with the Korean Community. Jae offered this solution to the language problem himself and even considered that Secondary School parents may not appreciate a student translator but the Primary School parents would not feel the same way. His initiative has been very successful and well received by both teachers and parents.

Shaan Chhadva - 11
École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India

Shaan has independently supported students by working and helping them, spending his own money to provide and distribute food packages.  He continues to support students from his area, he provides food and gives it to them personally and works with them. Shaan stands up for what he believes and is quite committed to his causes and speaks passionately about them. Shaan never blows his own trumpet he is quiet and unassuming who works independently on what he thinks is right.

Elena Corradi - 18
International School of Milan, Baranzate (Milano), Italy

Elena is driven by her passionate belief in international values and the importance of collaborative projects that bring people together. Elena has played a lead role in the Global Issues Network movement on a global scale, helping it become truly student-driven. Elena’s energy has significantly influenced the future direction of GIN. 

Hannah Grace Cox - 18
The British International School, Indonesia 

An accomplished artist, trumpeter and amazing actress Hannah has the capacity to inspire others through a sensitive appreciation of human and cultural nuances. She led the development of student performance throughout the school whilst bringing arts education to those in the community who are severely disadvantaged by nature of their birthplace. She has changed the lives of young people for the better through a genuine love of what she does, a personal sense of duty to those who are less privileged than herself and by an idealistic appreciation, and importance, of how Arts can and must touch the lives of many to make the world a better place.

Sam Cronin - 18
Doha College, Doha, Qatar 

Sam composed and performed a song about Moses, a Ugandan father currently working as a security guard at Doha College. It follows his journey from his home and his heart, to come earn a living in the fast-developing country of Qatar, where he forms a strong friendship with Sam and teaches him the great value of maintaining a smile no matter what worries may crowd your mind. Sam also created a music video and a documentary staring Moses himself. The documentary won ‘Best Sound’ at the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival and Sam donated the winning prize to Moses thus setting a fantastic example for his peers and the immediate community.

Anna Drozdova - 16
Moscow Economic School, Moscow, Russian Federation 

Anna has been winning the Moscow Economic School title "Student of the Year" for many years, of her own initiative she joined a working group to establish an endowment fund that united Moscow Economic School graduates. She is a member of a charity marathon organizing committee "Give pleasure to children” which performs at traditional charity concerts, visits orphanages rehab centers, and prepares meetings with veterans. She is also an author of a playground project in the rehab center “Ostrov” that has been constructed in 2012. 

Anna Ejlekaer Johansen - 11
Teda International School, Tianjin, China 

Anna is an enthusiastic and visionary member of the ECO club within the Primary School.  As such, Anna has been part of a team of students who promote and maintain a recycling program from K-5.  In addition, Anna has participated along with other students in tree planting in the local community and service at a nursing home.  Anna shows all the qualities of a student leader and is a fine example to younger students. 

Aadhar Gupta - 14
The British School, New Delhi, India 

On a voluntary basis, Aadhar has taught students with diverse special education needs at a local school in New Delhi. In accordance with the school’s focus on ‘The Girl Child’, Aadhar taught girls of various ages at a local orphanage, volunteered to work with HIV + children at a local hospice, organised food drives for underprivileged children at two different localities in Delhi and interacted with patients and nurses at the cardiovascular wing at Max Hospital. A mature young man, Aadhar has been a valuable peer mentor and helped younger students from diverse nationalities to adjust to their new environment.

Harshini Karunaratne - 16
The Overseas School of Colombo, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

The Warehouse Project serves underprivileged children of the Maradana neighborhood. These children have little time for education and even less for fun. Harshini discovered Kaine’s Day of Play, a movement for creative self-expression, and she began to gather international support for bringing a Day of Play to the Warehouse Project. Her organizing efforts brought the attention of an Australian company, a Sri Lankan filmmaker and Sinhalese, Tamil and Expat volunteers. The kids built a world out of cardboard, and the project built a sense of great possibility. Harshini’s efforts transcend language. She is building a better world through play. 

Aleksandra Kneifel - 16
The International School of Azerbaijan (TISA), Baku, Azerbaijan 

Aleksandra (Ola) is a generous and thoughtful young woman. She has participated in all but one of the Community and Service projects conducted through our school this year, including work with a local orphanage and a home for disabled children. Ola contributes tirelessly to the theatre and sport programmes at TISA, serving as an example of community spirit and generosity. Ola is a unique young woman, not afraid to be herself and to speak her mind. She is always open to the ideas of others as well. Ola's spirit, outlook, and action make her an outstanding example of what the CIS award exemplifies.

Charlotte Masson - 10
Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand 

For representing the Primary School as part of the Environmental Group. Charlotte did this independently and consistently throughout the year. The school has been working on improving its environmental awareness and is looking to obtain The Green Flag. The majority of students are in the secondary school and Charlotte has shown real commitment as she has attended meetings and contributed to the work of this group. 

Enkhzaya Mendsaikhan - 15
International School of Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

This student has worked with Rainbow Center, Hurhun Zurkh, Flourishing Futures, CCPs, the LET center/orphanage, and taught English at School #116. Her motivation is a love for children and she sees herself as a bridge between Mongolia and the international community. In her own words, "I hope I accomplished making others around me happy and loved." 

Anjali M. Menon - 16
International School Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand 

Anjali was the driving force behind the founding of the Gay Straight Alliance Club which promotes acceptance of and respect for LGBT's both at International School Bangkok and in the global community. This club, now in its second year, has carried out several successful poster campaigns to highlight awareness of how homophobic language hurts, and organized a Day of Silence to draw attention to the harmful effects of anti-LGBT behavior. Anjali is now helping the Middle School to organize its own club.

Valeria Minisini - 17
American International School of Lusaka, Zambia 

American International School of Lusaka, Zambia, Valeria Minisini, 17 - Valeria has shown a deep commitment to the ideals of internationalism and cooperation. In her role outside school at various Model United Nations events, Valeria has an engaging personality that appeals to students from other nationalities and cultures, puts them at ease and allows the ideas to flow. Valeria has led her Extended Service Day team “Student News Action” by coordinating the team’s effort in capturing the myriad service events taking place in our school. 

Olivia Ormonde - 16
Bendigo South East College, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 

Olivia is a child of the world. Born in outback Australia, she has lived in Africa and England, and travelled extensively. Olivia exemplifies what it is to be internationally minded. She lives the 'International Charter of Human Rights'. Olivia is passionate about equity and justice, being prepared to give of her time and energy to causes that make a real difference in people's lives. Olivia lives life to the full, excelling academically, in debating, the arts and sports. An example of Olivia’s international mindedness is her work with St Luke’s Innovative Resources. Olivia gained high praise from the organisation for her assistance in providing resources and published information to the disadvantaged from a range of cultural backgrounds including migrants. Olivia is a most worthy recipient of the CIS International Award.

Minh Tan Pham 
Adelaide High School, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Steve Marshall Award Winner
Minh Tan Pham is dedicated to giving back to his community, locally and internationally. He has led a rich variety of projects including fundraising for a school in Bali as part of the East Bali Poverty Project, the Close the Gap campaign, Harmony Day, a visit by the Raukkan Aboriginal School to Adelaide High School and numerous other initiatives, thereby contributing rich intercultural and service experiences for his school community.

Maha Shams - 12
Muscat International School, Oman

Maha has always been instinctively cooperative and has been consistently hard working throughout the year. Maha earns the respect of her classmates via her attitude, dedicated work ethic and calm demeanor. Her reliability, trustworthiness and self-belief make her a shining example to all of her peers in Grade Six. She has been an outstanding and school captain.

Maha worked tirelessly throughout the year to sustain our international ethos and have shown sustained commitment to our Charity Club, which has an age-old tradition of assisting the less-fortunate in the local Omani community by raising funds and distributing to local charities such as: the Oman Cancer Association, Welfare of Handicapped Children in Oman, Early Child Intervention Centre in Oman, local orphanages, Association of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb School, and the SQU Child Cancer Centre, to name but a few.  She, in cooperation with the other CIS International Student Award nominees from Muscat International School, have also helped, assisted and encouraged our student and parent community to support our annual Charity Food Appeal during Ramadan, as well as our Paper Recycling Campaign which runs throughout the year.

Aikaterini Simitzis - 18
International School of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania 

Aikaterini's enthusiasm and energy drove the organization of two MUN conferences at the school. She was tireless in motivating others and coordinating the organization of such large events. Whenever there is an event to raise money for charity, Aikaterini will be at the centre of the organization. She is always willing to help out the school by comparing events and her confidence and dynamism have driven a number of activities.

Valeria Minisini - 17
American International School of Lusaka, Zambia 

American International School of Lusaka, Zambia, Valeria Minisini, 17 - Valeria has shown a deep commitment to the ideals of internationalism and cooperation. In her role outside school at various Model United Nations events, Valeria has an engaging personality that appeals to students from other nationalities and cultures, puts them at ease and allows the ideas to flow. Valeria has led her Extended Service Day team “Student News Action” by coordinating the team’s effort in capturing the myriad service events taking place in our school. 

Arjun Singla - 15
École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India 

Arjun has worked to raise funds for Om creations, an NGO working towards the welfare of women with Down syndrome.  He held meetings with companies to ask for donations, sold products, hosted stalls, and participated in the Mumbai Marathon to raise awareness and funds for the organisation. He also invited the NGO to Ecole Mondiale World School to interact with the students and sell products made by them in order to raise funds.  He has been able to successfully raise funds worth 1,60,000.  These funds were raised to provide housing for ladies with Down syndrome.

Reeshen Bevan Thulkanam - 16
Norwood Morialta High School, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 

Bevan has been involved in numerous activities and projects promoting international mindedness.  He organised a Multicultural Assembly; presented at the ACIE annual meeting on “The Implications of Internationalism, Global Understandings and Child Rights in Education”; was involved in forums for East Adelaide Regional Office in the new Brighter Futures of the SA Department of Education; and the forum to debate Graduate Qualities of students; an active participant of the Student Representative Council; and attended presentations by Australian UN Youth Representative.

Francesca Ursini - 9
Malvern Primary school, East Malvern, Victoria, Australia 

Francesca is a young student with a strong sense of responsibility for the world and its people. She identifies strongly with her own cultural heritage and is interested and respectful of the heritages of others. Francesca has been involved in fundraising for needy communities and worked hard in ongoing projects which are aligned to the school's sustainability program. She embraces the values and principles of 'International Mindedness' and her behaviour and attitude reflect a maturity and respectfulness beyond that expected for her age.

Khanna Shraddha Vinod - 17
École Mondiale World school, Mumbai, India 

Shraddha has been very actively involved in learning Kathak- an Indian classical dance form for more than six years now. She has been instrumental in starting Natawari - an institution to promote and teach this ancient dying art form. This will also help to conserve and sustain all those involved in teaching and preserving this art form. She has been a very good Leader - sensitive and focused as well as an excellent team member.

Awards for Groups

Beacons of Hope
Dulwich College, Beijing, China
Group Members: Nicol Lo, Kim Fong, Jenny Xie 

In conjunction with local corporate sponsors, China Children, the Teenager's Fund and Beijing Chaoyang Maternal and Child Hospital (which the students organised, negotiated and secured entirely by themselves), "Beacons of Hope" was able to provide comprehensive medical, dental and optical exams for several hundred students from the Xin Xin Migrant School.

Bronze Award, Middle
Doha College, Doha, Qatar 
Group Members: Sophie Jago and Erin Quigley

Erin and Sophie are involved on the Bronze Award, having only joined the International Award at the start of this academic year. After hiking in the Bir Zikreet peninsula, they decided to repeat the weekend with the help of family, encouraging many friends to join them, on a sponsored 40km overnight hike. Over two months they collected QR 15,410. As a result of their hard work, the school has now received many improvements. They already have plans not only to repeat the sponsored walk next year, but also to develop more charity raising activities to help the school further.

International Science Conference Student Committee
The Hutchins School, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Group Members: Hugh and Oliver Johnson 

Hugh and Oliver Johnson are leaders within the science faculty, representing the school in conferences, competitions and at community Rotary science evens. They demonstrated exceptional leadership in driving and supporting our International Science Conference held at The Hutchins School over the Term 3 holiday break. They were not only leaders in organization but illustrated enormous emotional intelligence and internationally mindedness when interacting with our international participants from eight counties. These two young men illustrated maturity beyond their years and capture what it means to be a global citizen.

Lower School Student CouncilElementary/Primary
ACS Hillingdon International School, Hillingdon, United Kingdom

These students worked on two big projects this school year. The students learned to knit, and created a beautiful quilt for Romanian children. With some of our fundraising money the children in Romania also received books. Later in the school year these students learned about the violent protests in Tunisia that damaged another school. The students oragnised a book fair and toy drive, and were able to raise £600 for the students! They decided to donate the books and toys that we were not able to sell to a few local charities and to a children's center. It is incredible to see our students touching the lives of children near and far. 

Malaria Project
International School of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

The HIDE (Health Issues in Developing Economies) group actively follows three goals:

  • to educate themselves about health issues in developing economies
  • to raise awareness of the issues in the school and Düsseldorf community
  • to be active in raising money

The group has established a close relationship with action medeor, the largest medical aid charity in Europe. The students have been active in malaria actions in the city and at the state parliament, and have raised over €4000 for malaria support through actions and school events.

Project Hug, High School
Dulwich College Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Group Members: Julien Chen, Sisley Fung, Jason Lam, Jack Low, Michael Wong, Jane Ng, Ernie Wong, Narissara Techavachara, Eric Song, Emily Xu, Sam Kim

Inspired by messing around with the graphic tool – Illustrator, their main goal has been to promote innovation and encourage younger students to unleash their hidden creativity with the tagline “Make a Difference with Style”. They work with a number of students of varying ages, cultures and backgrounds assisting them to develop new skill sets. A number of students have blossomed in the club, developing confidence and leadership amongst peers. Through fund raising, Project Hug have supported local charities, for example, Home Sweet Home – a Charity aiming to rehabilitate, educate and provide life skills to homeless individuals.

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