Awards for Individuals

Duaa Ahmed - 15
Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman
'Cubscribe' National Journalism Contest and 'Listen Up' National Public Speaking Competition

Duaa spent a lot of her own time preparing the necessary materials for an article which was published in The Week magazine. All accompanying illustrations, graphics etc. had to be the work of the group ‘Cubscribe’, which Duaa forms part of. For the 'Listen Up' National Public Speaking Competition, Duaa wrote an original, interesting and entertaining 3 minute speech which she performed in front of a packed audience. In each group project Duaa worked on, she has hugely benefitted from being able to draw on each individual member's own cultural heritage to assist the group's work as a whole.


Aadhira Alim - 10
International School Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Kajol project has been operating at International School Dhaka for over 10 years. Aadhira Alim started working with the Kajol students at age 7 years and has been a committed student to volunteerring each week for this project. Aadhira has developed confidence and leadership in arranging her activity ideas, organising the groups of students and explaining what the activities are for each session. Aadhira is caring, open minded and respectful in all interactions and has a strong sense of responsibility in the wider community.


Ibtihal Al-Khalifin - 17
Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman
Project: Pink Day 

Pink Day is a yearly cancer awareness and fundraising event at the school and Ibtihal was one of the key organisers for this year’s event. In her role as a Prefect, Ibtihal worked to create awareness about cancer among the school body by means of posters, presentations, verbal dissemination and press coverage. She was instrumental in keeping everyone informed about what was required for the event and was responsible for stations where fundraising took place. She also helped organise the Pink Day Walk which thousands of people from the community take part in.


Samantha Antolini - 17
Mentone Girls' Grammar School, Mentone, Victoria, Australia
Project: International Captain of the School

Samantha has been instrumental in organising Mentone Girls’ Grammar school’s International Women's Week. She has worked closely with various sections of the school to promote and develop international cultural awareness and the responsibilities of being a global citizen. Samantha has involved students from different nationalities to work towards an international theme relating to women issues. She has also been heavily involved in Amnesty and worked closely with  student leaders to incorporate an international flavour in other initiatives.

Ayushi Ashar
École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India

Ayushi has worked very closely with MUKTA -an organization that works with destitute girls between the age of 6 to 18 years. She began her volunteer work with them in 2010. Ayushi was also involved in setting up their web site Through her fund raising campaign she spoke very intensely about this organization to parents in our school during SPT conferences and to corporates for sponsorship. Ayushi has been consistent and practical in her approach in supporting Mukta. She has comfortably used English, Hindi, Guajarati and Marathi in dealing with the students at Mukta as well as sponsors and friends for collecting funds.


Chiedza Chibada - 15
Brookhouse School, Nairobi, Kenya
Project: Servant Leadership through Boarding House Community Service and Global Environmental Awareness

Chiedza has motivated her fellow boarding students to consciously engage in conservation and gender sensitisation activities. Her concern for the environment saw Chiedza participate in the 2013 Science Fair in South Korea, while in 2014 she attended the Plastic Ocean Pollution Environmental Summit in California. Her ability to discern and articulate her concerns has seen her excel in Inter-House and Inter-School Verse speaking. She was an active member of the netball, cross-country and athletics teams.


Chakrapoj (Bos) Chitwannapa - 17
NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: OM GOI Development Trip 

Bos travelled to Maeramit Village in Om Goi District as part of a CAS trip where he participated in the preliminary stage of community development. This has helped him gain first-hand experience in learning about development and applying development tools in a rural village environment. Bos did some excellent work facilitating the needs analysis process and the school was impressed with the leadership he has shown. Bos will continue to work on the project with other NIST students and teachers, as well as with other schools, so as to help form a development project that will benefit the village in a sustainable and beneficial way.


Won Ji Chung - 18
International School Aamby, India
Project: English Language School 

Won Ji Chung as the leader of the English Language School (ELS) Team worked diligently for the ELS Team and has motivated other students. She is a very active member in the English Language School who has showed her enthusiasm in teaching English to students of the local community even though English is not her first language. When the ELS Team realized that the children at Ambavane Village were keen in learning English, they organised a fundraiser and raised money to buy books and set up a mini library at the local school. The fundraiser was a very successful event under the leadership of Won Ji Chung. 

The project has given Won Ji the scope to experience internationalism by ‘Think Global, Act Local’. She has leant to display tolerance to people of other nationalities, languages and ethnicity. The project has helped Won Ji to genuinely involve herself with a different stratum of Indian society and its culture. She has picked up snippets of different languages along the way to assimilate the spirit of international understanding and cooperation.


Emma Clinnick - 17
Cleveland District State High School, Cleveland, Queensland, Australia
Volunteering overseas and in home community

Steve Marshall Award Winner
Emma has participated in several overseas humanitarian trips in recent years. In 2014 she has volunteered at the 'Homeless Connect' convention which provides food and clothes to the homeless of Brisbane. She also travelled to Tonga where she built a house for a family that was previously living in a tin shack held together with tie downs. She has continued to lend money in a micro-loan through Kiva to a woman from Armenia who will put the money towards farming in order to provide food for her family. Emma has always actively sought opportunities to contribute to the international community in the true spirit of internationalism. 


Guillaume Dideron - 17
QingHai Project - Dulwich College Beijing, China
Project: QingHai 

QingHai is in a remote part of northwestern China, where the school also functions as a children's home. Conditions are cramped and unsanitary; resources are sparse. For two years, Guillaume has worked to develop the sanitation systems. His team has constructed a new building, which will provide the students with much better facilities. Guillaume also arranged for the installation of solar panels so the school can heat water (paid for by an award he won from ACAMIS). His team also delivered a series of hygiene lessons to the students in order to help them take better care of themselves and their environment


Nadya Ekhteraee-Sanaee - 18
Dubai American Academy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Project: Model United Nations conference at DAA / Environmental Awareness

Serving as Deputy Secretary General, Nadya was one of the leaders the MUN club, taking charge to organise the first mini-MUN conference at DAA. She has shown great leadership and commitment to something that she is passionate about: making people aware of pressing global issues. Nadya was not only an active member of MUN, discussing and engaging in global issues such as the environment, human rights and the food crisis, but she got involved at a local level also: she highlighted the waste in Dubai, promoted paperless initiatives in the school, and ran UN Food Drives for the poor workers of Dubai.


Patrick Finley - 14
Atlanta International School, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Project: Promoting Irish Culture Through Music

Patrick performs with the Irish Traditions Ensemble in Atlanta. Patrick offers his talents as a solo and ensemble artist in the Atlanta community and here at AIS, and he does so in a gracious, mature way that has allowed us all to learn and appreciate Irish and Irish-American culture and musical traditions.  Each year, he heralds St. Patrick Day in MS Assembly, and he has even adapted his playing style to contribute to our Chinese New Year Celebration. He embodies the spirit of intercultural learning through the arts.


Anahita Gottipatti - 18
International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: Helping a local school in India

Anahita has been involved in the Rosy’s School projects for the development of the school’s infrastructure, raised funds for school uniforms for Rosy’s School children and  initiated a Funday at ISH to raise funds to provide for their school supplies. She also joined hands with Interact Club of Hyderabad and helped the underprivileged, orphaned and physically challenged children in and around Hyderabad and has  interacted with students of Saraswathi Vidya Niketan and Don. Through her involvement in the above projects, Anahita has demonstrated empathy and care for the immediate community; with the help of the organizations she was involved with, she has identified the needs of the underprivileged society which included the destitute and orphaned children from the lower economic strata who are deprived of the basic needs of living and, has extended support in whatever way she could. 


Rohan Gupta - 11
Doha College, Doha, Qatar
Project: Science Learning Garden

The school council was given the task of implementing a community science garden that would benefit all children in our school. Rohan presented the idea to the children and set the challenge of designing the garden as part of a competition. He also set up a panel to judge the competition and winning entries were taken from all year groups and a final garden design was made. Rohan has started to implement the idea of the garden being used for after school activities which will be led by school councillors and teacher next year, to ensure the garden extends our childrens’ education. All students have been asked to present ideas that reflect their own personal ideas and cultures.


Joshua Hammond - 17
St Clare's, Oxford, United Kingdom
Project: Student Council and Model United Nations Projects 

Through his fundraising work as Student Council President, Josh has worked tirelessly to further the College mission statement: to advance international education and understanding. Josh and his colleagues raised money that has given educational opportunities to students in Africa. Additionally, through his role as Secretary General of St Clare's Model United Nations, Josh has involved all St Clare's students in an active and participative MUN conference which furthered their understanding of global issues.


Hyelyn Hwangbo - 11
Nanjing International School, Nanjing, China
Project: Promoting Environmental Sustainability in the School Community 

Hyelyn has taken on extra responsibility by involving herself in various environmental initiatives. She provided leadership and inspiration to others by serving on the Eco Team, contributing ideas, discussing issues and solutions, providing a student perspective, and helping the Student Council follow up with action. She has had an active role in promoting energy conservation in the school and in activities related to the NIS Earth Hour event. Her role has been instrumental in making our school more ‘green’.


Yiyi Jin - 18
Glenunga International High School, Glenunga, South Australia, Australia
Project: International Prefect 2014 - Uphold international mindedness as an integral part of GIHS School Values  

Yiyi Jin has been actively involved in local and international student immersion. She has hosted delegations from around the world,  conducted events to promote international mindedness through sport, competitions and club activities and continued to raise awareness regarding current and future educational global issues. She led a group of students that connected via video conferencing with an IB school in Singapore to discuss food sustainability and resources in the 21st century. Volunteering as part of her Creativity Action Service has supported her connection with the community. She has been an active member of the Governing Council Team. Her work in the Youth Advisory Committee and the Leadership Team included assisting in event management and participating events.


Harshini Karunaratne - 16
The Overseas School of Colombo, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka 

The Warehouse Project serves underprivileged children of the Maradana neighborhood. These children have little time for education and even less for fun. Harshini discovered Kaine’s Day of Play, a movement for creative self-expression, and she began to gather international support for bringing a Day of Play to the Warehouse Project. Her organizing efforts brought the attention of an Australian company, a Sri Lankan filmmaker and Sinhalese, Tamil and Expat volunteers. The kids built a world out of cardboard, and the project built a sense of great possibility. Harshini’s efforts transcend language. She is building a better world through play.


Benya Kraus - 18
International School Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Project: Panther Productions 

Benya was the driving force behind the creation and success of the new student run media production, Panther Productions. A tireless worker and creative thinker, Benya organized weekly broadcasts covering all aspects of student life and activities at ISB. Panther Productions has transformed the way information is communicated to students, providing an excellent platform for students to advocate for their service clubs and causes. Benya works with anyone and everyone, across nationalities and grade levels, and has a gift for bringing people together to work on a common project. She exemplifies the spirit of internationalism at ISB.


Louise Kynast - 11
Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman
Project: Recycling Project 

A group of students worked with the Muscat Daily Newspaper on a recycling project. Students were required to devote time outside of lessons to collect and store paper for collection. They organised the collection of paper for recycling in school which was then collected by the Muscat Daily. Louise had to develop an understanding of issues related to the project. She worked closely with students of other nationalities and took the time to educate younger students about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. She was skilled at explaining to others how local problems have an impact on global issues.


Elijah McKeogh - 16
International School Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Project: Leadership in GIN

Elijah has been a key member of the Global Issues Network Executive Committee which directs and manages 30 student-lead GIN Projects at the school. He has had particular responsibility for the media and very professional video productions for ISHCMC GIN. Elijah has also played a central role in organizing the GIN Saigon Conferences which were initiated and hosted by ISHCMC for two consecutive years. These conferences involved collaboration with other student leaders from 14 schools and universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The success of these events required a huge amount of communication, organizational and logistical skills.


Sasha Janisara Romanyk - 11
Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: Changing a School Culture

Sasha exhibited many of the qualities enshrined in agreed Values of the school when she led the Student Council in its work to develop the Code of Conduct. She has demonstrated huge resilience, a the capacity to take risks, confidence, inclusiveness and compassion that belies her age. She promoted and profiled the Student Council, as a Team, who were willing, through her leadership, to change the culture of a school. The confidence and conviction she has shown when making presentations marks her as a young lady possessing the undoubted passion and potential to make a real difference to this world.


Shreya Singh - 16
Dalian American International School, Dalian, China
Project: Environmental Leadership Project

Shreya Singh’s leadership has expanded community action and global awareness at the Dalian American International School through projects such as organic waste recycling, beach clean-up, Earth day celebrations, and school recycling programs. She demonstrates skills in event and project planning, partnership development, and public speaking. Shreya composed Arroyo, a widely distributed music CD and developed an Energy Smart document which makes recommendations on energy efficient construction. She served on the international UNESCO-Inditex Business Leader Roundtable and on a DAIS committee which is integrating stewardship into the curriculum.


Truman Han Tay - 11
Teda International School, Tianjin, China
Project: Water Purification Project 

As part of the Grade 5 science program, students connected the life giving history of the Huang He in China to ancient civilization and contrasted that to the present condition of the Huang He. Students then envisioned a future for China and were posed with the question of making their vision a reality. Truman integrated his developing knowledge in science and history to design a service project that would raise awareness of the need to care for the environment through independent water testing. This project connected the reality of China's river problem to a global problem for us all.


Clare Vadez - 13
International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: The International Students Community

Clara was a Grade 7 ‘student buddy’ and was available to guide the new Grade 6 students at Middle School. She voluntarily made badges for the student buddies to wear and displayed a keen and sustained commitment to the student buddy system. The Grade 6 class has a great variety of students and she was aware of the different types of support needed. Clara also attends a government high school in Barcelona Escola Antaviana for part of the year. This school educates working class and middle class students. Clara demonstrates a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of the other nationalities, languages or ethnic backgrounds in a spirit of international understanding and cooperation. She brings this learning back to benefit her peers in class with her behaviours, opinions and attitudes. She also organized a book fair for the school, in correlation with World Book Day (United Nations) and a cultural festival from Spain. She wrote informative pieces for the school newsletter about it and used the Student Council to promote it.


Julian Enrique Vargas Valenzuela - 17
Notre Dame School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Project: Model United Nations 

Since Julian Enrique arrived to NDS he stood out for his kindness and peace, even during stressful situations, it was understandable why teachers and friends trusted him, and always chose him for any activity. But where he excelled was at the Model United Nations at Harvard and Yale Universities where Julian not only participated in all the debates and meetings but where he also served as mentor to all our young delegates. At these models he took new international friends under his wing that were attracted by his leadership and kindness.


Valeriia Voloshyna - 18
Pechersk School International Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine

Valeriia Voloshyna contributed to the school through her work as Student Council Vice President. A speaker of three languages (English, Ukrainian and Russian), Val also took the lead in two important service projects. She organized fund raising and visits to the local Orphanage for Visually Impaired Children and was one of the founding members of a project that distributed sandwiches to the homeless on the streets of Kyiv. In a CAS program requiring approximately 150 hours of participation over two years, Val logged nearly 400 hours of service to her school and community.


Yu Wei (Hermione) Wang - 17
American International School of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China
Project: Root and Shoots - Environmental Group Leader

Hermione is intensely passionate about promoting awareness about the environment at AISG. This year, R&S (Roots and Shoots) Environment has had a number of very creative and awareness raising projects. Hermione has been the impetus behind these and, as a result, has brought environmental issues to the foreground of our community.


Cheng Xi Duan
American School of Warsaw, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland
Project: Chechen Refugee Club 

Cheng Xi Duan is the President of the Chechen Refugee Club at the American School of Warsaw. This club serves the Refugee Reception Center in Linin, Poland. Over the years the club has organized both at ASW and at the center such activities as sports, crafts, BBQs, a movie showing, as well as field trips to the zoo and a movie theater. Other student groups have worked with the Refugee Club to provide such support as an International Women's Day lunch and a clothes drive. The Chechen refugees have put on musical performances, cooked traditional foods, and answered questions about life in Chechnya and in the Polish refugee system. The Refugee Club interacts monthly with the Chechen children. 


Ming Yang Zhang - 16
Teda International School, Tianjin, China
Project: Increasing Fundraising Capacity of the TIS Walkathon Fundraiser through Corporate Donations and Sponsorship

Zhang Ming Yang recognized the potential for greatly increasing funds collected during the annual Walkathon Fundraiser by approaching the many international corporations with a presence in the Tianjin Economic Development Area. She wrote a proposal to the Service Committee which was approved. Now with approval from the TIS Administrative Team, Zhang Ming Yang is preparing informational documents and putting together a small team that will go out and seek corporate donations for next year's Walkathon. Increasing the amount of funds raised will allow TIS to provide support to more service initiatives in the local area and across China.


Awards for Groups

The lower school student council & students
ACS Hillingdon International School, Hillingdon, United Kingdom
Project: Making a difference, near and far

This group is always looking for a way to help others. After learning about the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan caused, they organized Make a Difference Movie Night, Holiday Jumper Day and a 'Phil' the Bag clothing collection to raise money. They were proud to make a £1495 donation to UNICEF. Children in Romania were in need of t-shirts so our students designed 70 shirts for them and made a beautiful collaborative art piece.  The students also planned a spirit week to fundraise for the Great Ormond Street Hospital 5K. Our students have shown a true commitment to global citizenship and have made an impact on the lives of children near and far 

Sec 4 GP 2014
Anglo Singapore International School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: Links with other International Schools

Co-curricular activities are essential in improving the well-being of students and shaping them into productive citizens of society. This group of students informed another international school in Bangkok about the benefits of co-curricular activities and were able to convince them to consider implementing this policy.

Doha College Community
Doha College, Doha, Qatar
Project: Recognising the work of all the school and local community 

This group of students wanted to recognise the invaluable work of the auxiliary staff who work at Doha College and wanted to say thank you for all their efforts. The students organised a meal for them and ate this meal together. The organization of this event was done outside of the school day. Due to the diverse nature of our student body, they were able to address all workers in their mother tongue. All the workers were given gifts. 

International Court of Justice - Costa Rica
Zurich International School, Wädenswil, Switzerland
Project: Model United Nations International Court of Justice - Costa Rica representatives

Fleur and Claire served as advocates for Costa Rica at the 2014 The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) International Court of Justice (ICJ). Their tireless effort and complete dedication to their roles won unanimous praise from all delegates and the supervisors. Fleur and Claire brought their knowledge of other cultures to their ICJ experience. Both are highly involved in MUN, and their work for THIMUN was exemplary. To represent Costa Rica and learn the legal proceedings in a language that neither student spoke was outstanding. 

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