What types of schools recruit staff through CIS?

Schools that recruit through CIS are CIS members. Our members can be variously defined as international, national, non-profit, government, company or proprietary, but all share certain characteristics, the most fundamental of which are a global perspective and orientation, and commitment to high standards and quality education. International schools by mission and by model promote international awareness, knowledge, understanding and inclusion. Their staff and students are multinational; the primary language of instruction is in most cases English, although we do have some schools offering bilingual or tri-lingual programmes.

The curriculum usually offered is Western in format but, adapted for the international market, e.g. the International Baccalaureate (IB), the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Advanced Placement Program (AP), among other international models. The financial set-up ranges from government or company funded to the more typical, tuition fee-based. Usually an international school is established for the children of parents who have temporarily been assigned to work or live in a different country, but national students are increasingly attending schools offering international programmes as their parents value the increased post-secondary education and career opportunities resulting from an international education. Our Member Schools are actively committed to self-analysis and improvement.

Why should I consider working at schools that provide an international education?

For those with a sense of adventure, a career in international education can be a uniquely rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. It can allow you to broaden your horizon, become immersed in a different culture and environment, and perhaps learn or improve a foreign language. It offers the opportunity to make many new friends and forge life-lasting ties as you join an engaged global community of educators. The settings are often ideal for improving your own educational practices and developing new skills in collaboration with your peers. Rich and varied professional development programmes are common benefits of working at an international school as are the availability of modern teaching resources and technology. An overseas teaching opportunity can allow you to engage with motivated students with high expectations and influence their development as global citizens. International schools frequently offer a comprehensive salary and benefits package that may provide higher remuneration than that provided by national or state schools.

What do international schools look for in an educator?

International schools seek educators who have demonstrated success improving student learning and who actively collaborate in professional development networks. Strong IT skills and proven experience using technology as a tool to facilitate learning are increasingly expected. Equally important is the potential to adapt to a new environment and culture and the ability to engage a diverse student population and the motivation to become involved with the wider community outside of the school. Cultural sensitivity and a tolerance for ambiguity are essential attributes. Successful international educators aspire to increase their own knowledge and understanding of global issues and trends. They are innately resourceful, flexible, engaging, and have a sense of humour.

Why should I consider positions at CIS member schools?

CIS stands out as a provider of international recruitment services for a number of reasons:

  • Only schools meeting our rigorous membership criteria and standards may utilise our services so you can be confident of connecting with quality, reputable schools.
  • We apply similarly high standards when reviewing educator portfolios which, in turn, encourages schools to take advantage of our service.
  • Our recruitment fairs are a well-established, respected and successful event that has been running for over thirty years, attracting a diverse mix of schools and educators.
  • CIS brings to the recruitment process an in-depth knowledge of the schools we support as a result of our school accreditation service.
  • As long as you submit an update every two years, CIS will retain your professional portfolio for future job-seeking.
  • We have a dedicated and friendly team of professionals available to answer your questions and advise. Send us an email at!

How will CIS help me learn about positions available at CIS Member Schools?

School recruiters have unlimited access to the Educator Candidate Database and may contact registered candidates directly regarding vacancies. Educator candidates may search the vacancies listed by schools and have the option to participate in a recruitment fair during which job interviews take place.

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