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International Certification is a service for CIS Members. If your school is not yet a member but is interested in participating, please find more information about the benefits of CIS membership and the application process.

The development of internationalism in a school community is an ongoing process – CIS International Certification is intended to both support and recognise a school’s progress in this process. Schools with varying levels of achievement will therefore be considered for entrance into the programme, but, in order to guarantee that participants are in a position to benefit from the programme and achieve International Certification within a reasonable time frame, the International Certification Selection Committee will assess information provided by schools and select schools on the basis of their demonstrated attainment in respect to:

  • Guiding Statements: a school’s Guiding Statements should encourage the development of global citizenship in the community
  • Staff support: a school should support the growth and development of teachers and other staff in an ongoing manner
  • Student support: a school should provide robust support systems for students which support their development as global citizens
  • Service: a school should have a demonstrable commitment to serving or supporting communities different than their own, including those outside their immediate community
  • Student leadership: students’ leadership capabilities should be developed and exercised.

The International Certification process is designed to let schools access a supportive community of peers and learn from the leading practices of other schools with similar commitments and interests. For this reason, in addition to the qualities of individual schools, the International Certification Committee will also aim to ensure balance and diversity in each annual cohort group, with respect to: type of school, age range served, curricula offered, cultural representation in the school community, geographic location, and age of the school itself.

The number of spaces available in the first year of the International Certification will be limited in order to guarantee that the highest possible quality service is provided to these schools. Any schools unable to start International Certification in 2016 will have another opportunity to be considered in future years.

If you are a CIS Member School please log in to the CIS Community Portal to apply. Applications can be submitted at any time. CIS staff will work with each school to identify a timeline for the process aligned with their objectives and planning cycle.

If your school is not yet a CIS Member you can learn more about the membership application process and begin your application here.

If you have any questions please contact

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