Dates: 18th - 19th January 2016
Location: London, United Kingdom
Host: King’s College London


The Symposium programme consists of plenary sessions open to all attendees along with focused strands in the below categories. Registrants have the opportunity to select and follow one strand over the course of the two-day Symposium. This model allows for deeper learning through small groups of 30-35 people who attend the same sessions allowing continuous and concentrated dialogue within each respective strand. Dr. Allan Walker, Dr. Eeqbal Hassim and Ann Straub – experts in each of these areas - will facilitate the three strands helping to synthesise and draw out key ideas and findings across sessions. The following sessions are confirmed. Additional sessions will be added soon.


Dimensions of Effective Intercultural School Leadership
Speaker: Dr. Allan Walker
Institution: Hong Kong Institute of Education

Global Citizenship Education: Topics and Learning Objectives
Speaker: Theophania Chavatzia 
Organisation: UNESCO, Division for Teaching, Learning and Content, Section for Health and Global Citizenship Education

Internationalising Higher Education: King’s College London Approach
Presenter: Dr. Joanna Newman
Institution: King’s College London

Service Learning: Know your Community, Know Yourself
Presenter: Ann Straub
Institutions: Council of International Schools

The Transcultural School
Speaker: Dr. Eeqbal Hassim
Institution: Melbourne Graduate School of Education

How do you Pick a Star Fruit? The Challenges of Operating Fair Admissions in an Internationalised University
Presenter: Paul Teulon, Director of Admissions
Institution: King’s College London

What Every International School Leader and Curriculum Co-ordinator Needs to Know About Bilingualism
Speaker: Dr Dina Mehmedbegovic
Institution: UCL Institute of Education, United Kingdom

Strand A: Dimensions of Intercultural Leadership

Facilitated by: Dr. Allan Walker (read bio)

Developing Teacher Capacity for Transformative Intercultural Learning: The Importance of Transcultural Dispositions of Thinking
Speaker: Dr. Niranjan Casinader
Institution: Monash University, Australia

Interculturalism, Multiculturalism and International-Mindedness: What's the Difference and Why do They Matter?
Speaker: Maria Savva
Institution: UCL, Institute of Education/Doctoral School, Cyprus

Leading and Living a 21st Century Global Citizenship Identity: Multiple Perspectives and Entry Points for Educators
Speaker: Adam Usher
Institutions: Incept Labs/Victoria University, Australia

Making Sense of a New Place: Transition of International School Leaders
Speaker: Megan Maher
School: Lincoln Community School, Ghana

Working Across Cultures: the Cultural Challenge for International School Leaders
Speaker: Peter Welch
Institution: International School of Helsinki, Finland

Strand B: Developing Whole School Commitment to Intercultural Learning

Facilitated by: Dr. Eeqbal Hassim (read bio)

Building a School Culture of Intercultural Competency
Speakers: Dr. April Mattix Foster and Karen Wrightsman
Institution: George Mason University

Cultivating Culturally Responsive Teachers with Professional Development that is Unequivocally Personal
Speaker: Maria Savva
Institution: UCL, Institute of Education/Doctoral School, Cyprus

Internationalizing Curriculum: Framing Theory and Practice in International Schools
Speaker: Michael Wylie
Institution: Utahloy International School Zengcheng, China

Language and Cultural Awareness Through a Different Kind of Foreign Language Instruction
Speaker: Paul Magnuson
Institution: Leysin American School, Switzerland

The Global Citizen Diploma and the Rest of the Story: The Cultivation of Whole-School Global Citizenship Through the Adoption of Narrative Credentials
Speakers: Damien Pitter and Ian Hoke
Institution: Yokohama International School, Japan and Zurich International School, Switzerland

Strand C: Bridging Perspectives: Service Learning and Community Engagement

Facilitated by: Ann Straub (read bio)

Effective Community Engagement: Building and Assessing a Community Service Program that Promotes Intercultural Learning
Speakers: Martin van der Linde and Kenneth Chimese
Institution: Lusaka International Community School, Zambia

Flip the Curriculum: A Global Perspectives Framework
Speaker: Chris Gauthier
Institution: Cleveland District State High School, Australia

Global Citizenship & Community Action: At the Heart of the Curriculum
Speaker: Christopher Charleson
Institution: International School of London Qatar

Learning to do Good in a Global World: Service and Beyond
Speaker: Boyd Roberts
Institution: International Global Citizen’s Award & Author of Educating for Global Citizenship

Service Learning as Postcolonial Discourse: Active Global Citizenship
Speaker: Dr. Fran Martin
Institution: University of Exeter, United Kingdom

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