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Leading Schools Interculturally

 by Ann Straub, CIS International Advisor

International schools by mission, serve diverse communities, and in turn, strive to prepare students for their place in a diverse world. How are our school leaders modelling perspectives to address this diversity? This very pursuit is the foundation of your missions, the essence of your dialogues, whether in the board room with trustees seeking exemplary education for students, with teachers developing effective learning strategies, or in personal conversations with parents and students about their hopes for the future.

Dimmock and Walker wrote, “In a globalising world, recognition of the influence of societal culture and cross-cultural similarities and differences becomes more, rather …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday November 27
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The CIS 2018 Awards for Higher Education

The 2018 CIS Awards for Higher Education were presented during the CIS Global Forum on International Admission and Guidance, in Vienna.

2018 CIS Future Leader Award

The CIS Future Leader Award honours an up-and-coming international admissions officer or school counsellor who demonstrates strong leadership potential and embodies the CIS mission.

This year’s award is presented to Alex Whitcomb of Erasmus University College.

According to his colleagues, Alex has an inclusive nature and places importance on building a sense of community. He makes colleagues, counsellors, and, most importantly, students feel valued. Alex knows firsthand the challenges students from Africa and other parts of the world may face in studying abroad, and he…

Posted by CIS on Wednesday November 14 at 16:26
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What I no longer will be doing when it comes to child protection

by Paul Richards, Superintendent at The American School of Dubai


It is not often that I have an out-of-body experience sitting in a professional training. To be honest, I’m normally daydreaming about something or another. The moment took place last March while listening to Dr. Joe Sullivan during a two-day “deep dive” training on child protection and safeguarding, arranged by the Council of International Schools (CIS). Our school was hosting the event, and our entire senior leadership team was in attendance.

Dr. Sullivan was walking the group through a few case studies of teachers who had been passed along from school to school after some low-level concerns arose as to whether they were safe to work with …

Posted by CIS on Monday October 29 at 14:45
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Inspiring Student Projects in the CIS School Community

by Christy Clabots, Project Assistant & Higher Education Services Coordinator

Our International Student award recognizes students at member schools who take on projects to improve their community. It’s inspiring to learn about the positive impact these students have their own community, improving the quality of life for others through their own initiatives and interest in being an active global citizen. The projects we learn about are from students of all ages, from elementary through high school, taking on projects big and small.

For the last few years I have had the opportunity to read every nomination for the International Student award and I am excited to share some of the stories that have embodied the work being done at …

Posted by CIS on Thursday September 20
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Asking the right questions: Gender gap revealed in pay for international school leaders

 by Jane Larsson, CIS Executive Director

“Guess what I found?” Alejandra asked, as she stepped into my office.

Alejandra is our data analyst, and she had just taken ownership of our annual compensation surveys, which explore salaries and benefits for international school leaders and staff. As part of our R&D team, her job is to ask the right questions and to evaluate trends. We’ve been administering this survey and sharing the results annually for a number of years, but Alejandra has begun probing the potential impacts of the data we were collecting, asking new questions to guide decision-making in schools.

Given the significance of the gap, we agreed to dig deeper, looking at the gap across years of …

Posted by CIS on Thursday September 13
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How well do you really know your students?

 by Dave Stanfield, Head of Research & Development at CIS & Peter Welch, Independent Consultant

As an international educator, you have likely experienced firsthand the profound impact that students’ cultural identity has on learning. Various cultural theories exist that attempt to explain differences between cultures. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory is one of the most established and commonly cited in literature. The theory consists of five cultural dimensions—power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance index, and long-term orientation—which are useful concepts to understand cultural differences. There is even a handy website called Hofstede Insights that …

Posted by CIS on Wednesday September 5
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What kinds of support do international school leaders need?

 by Jane Larsson, CIS Executive Director

At CIS, we’ve devoted time to assess the skills that elevate effectiveness in leading a diverse international community. We’re applying what we’ve learned and changing the way we do things to provide targeted learning experiences for school leaders.This October in Bangkok, we’ll launch a “first of its kind” event focused on the career development and recruitment of school leaders…all in one go!

What will be different? Whether you are a school leader looking to hire new leaders or seeking a new leadership position yourself, you will engage together as peers as you learn from experts and discuss critical aspects of international school leadership. …

Posted by CIS on Wednesday August 22
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CIS Summer Counsellor Tours: Expanding Horizons While Building Community

by Michelle Duschang, Director of International University Counseling at Hisar School in Istanbul, Turkey

Even after 28 years either on the university or school side of the admissions counseling desk, participating in the CIS Summer Counselor Tour last month I was astounded, yet again, by the supportive, collaborative and genuinely enthusiastic community of people I work with every day. At times our community that spans the globe seems so small. However, this experience reminded me how diverse and vast our network really reaches and how much we learn from one another.

Planning a robust, interesting and balanced CIS tour of universities is no easy feat. Serving as one of five volunteers on the CIS Guidance Committee, a sub-committee of …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday August 14
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The Power of Regional Learning

by Katryna Snow, Assistant Director of CIS Higher Education Services

School guidance counsellors and university admissions officers share a common goal of working with and advising students through the university application and enrollment process. With thousands of university options worldwide and a rapidly changing landscape in international higher education, it is important that those working with students are up-to-date on the latest trends, challenges, and developments. There are numerous resources and professional development events available that focus on admission and guidance on a global level (including the CIS Global Forum), but there is also great value in a more focused approach to information sharing and networking. 

Posted by CIS on Friday May 18
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Presenting at the CIS Global Forum: An opportunity for life-long learning

  by David Hawkins, Independent Counsellor at Syzygy Global Education

Taking place this year in Vienna between 8-9 November, the CIS Global Forum on International Admission and Guidance is a leading annual conference bringing together more than 800 university admission officers and school career/guidance professionals. We are currently accepting session proposals for our peer-led professional development sessions. Anyone from a CIS member school or university may submit a proposal by May 11 2018. Read about David’s experience and consider submitting a proposal of your own.

I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of CIS Global Forums, and to present as well. Most recently I was asked to join a session on …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday May 1
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