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Interviewing the Interviewers: How our recruiters get to know our candidates

Communication style, sense of humor, reactions to challenges—these dynamics help recruiters to get to know the person behind the CV. CIS Career & Recruitment Services takes the time to discover what makes an educator unique in order to lay the groundwork for a positive relationship between candidates and school. The personal connections that CIS has within their community of educators and schools make that possible. Starting in August 2016, CIS announced, among other service enhancements, that each candidate will have a video interview with a member of the CIS Career & Recruitment Services team. Two Recruitment Advisors, Becky Hazlett and Tanja Janjic, recently discussed how important this interview step is to both educators and schools.

How do interviews help you serve candidates and schools?
Tanja: There is nothing that can replace human interaction. The video interviews are the next best thing and they help us connect with our candidates on a new level. During the interview, we can better assess candidates’ needs and how to best help them achieve their goals.

Becky: It can be frustrating for school leaders to receive applications from candidates who don’t fit the necessary criteria and we aim to minimize this mismatch. We know our candidates, and our schools can trust us to do the screening part of recruitment so they can focus on the final stages. It is an important step in our screening process giving us the opportunity to verify candidates’ experience and qualifications and ensure they are representing themselves accurately. During the interview, we discuss with candidates their level of expertise and familiarity with different curriculum models. We encourage them to compare the job description requirements with their proven skills and look for the right fit.

What are you listening for in an interview?

Becky: Their motivation for applying. Lots of candidates have a strong desire to experience another culture and learn and grow from this experience. Many describe themselves as life-long learners, which is a key trait that we look for. We also hope to determine cultural sensitivity and appreciation for diversity in these initial conversations.

Tanja: For candidates who are taking their first step into international education, it’s great to hear enthusiasm for the adventure of living and working abroad. However, it is equally important that candidates have considered the challenges they might face and how this might require them to adapt their teaching practice. We appreciate candidates who have clearly considered that the time is right for them to embark on this challenge. This gives us confidence to advocate on their behalf for certain positions.

What can candidates do to have a successful first interview? 

Becky: Be sure to offer specific examples from past experiences. These are always helpful in understanding a candidate’s potential. For example, successful learning strategies they have used in the classroom, initiatives they have taken or their contribution to a team objective.

Tanja: Most of the educators are reluctant to boast about their skills, but it is amazing to see the enthusiasm and passion radiating from the candidate when they speak about education. We want these candidates in CIS schools!

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Posted by CIS on Monday March, 20, 2017

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