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Presenting at the CIS Global Forum: A Story of Personal Development and Growth

 by Bryn Will, High School Counselor, Anglo-American School of Moscow, Russia

Taking place this year in Vienna between 8-9 November, the CIS Global Forum on International Admission and Guidance is a leading annual conference bringing together more than 800 university admission officers and school career/guidance professionals. We are currently accepting session proposals for our peer-led professional development sessions. Anyone from a CIS member school or university may submit a proposal by 11 May 2018. Read about Bryn’s experience and consider submitting a proposal of your own.

I did not even have to open the e-mail to see the first line. “Dear Bryn, Congratulations! I am writing to inform you…”

Posted by CIS on Tuesday April 17 at 11:53
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A Chinese voice on Child Protection - Many traditional ideas sometimes do not meet modern students

 by Jane Larsson, CIS Executive Director

hosted by the Western Academy of Beijing

I’m just back to Leiden after leading child protection workshops with our team of experts in three cities with vastly different cultures. Our journey last month began in Nairobi, went on to Dubai and finished in Beijing. The presentations and conversations were riveting, as usual, but moving from one distinct culture to another in close succession was jarring.

So many memories are swirling in my mind. Overall, I came home feeling encouraged and impressed because I discovered a common willingness to engage on this challenging topic - across cultures, particularly those that have been traditionally closed to the subject of …

Posted by on Thursday April 12
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by Alexandra Marcoci

During my internship with the Career & Recruitment Department of CIS I came across many educators who intend to relocate and start pursuing a career in international education. Because of my psychology background, I found it compelling to understand who is suitable for this environment, who will prosper and who will not resist the demands of the international stage, where individuals of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities co-exist, communicate and share experiences.

Which qualities should an educator have to be a good fit for an international school? And in which way is such an environment challenging anyway? To find an answer to these questions, I delved into research and interviewed CIS-Approved …

Posted by CIS on Thursday April 5
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an opportunity to explore our assumptions and beliefs

We are proud to say that CIS member schools are recognized as leaders in K-12 education globally. Recently, several leading schools were invited to the America Achieves’ Global Learning Network, in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), with the aim of sharing innovative practices with one another. 

 We checked in with Assistant Head of School Devin Pratt of Frankfurt International School about this event, and why meetings like these are important to innovation at his school.

What was your experience attending this conference?

As professionals we are always considering how our current work ensures the success of individual students and humanity. As the …

Posted by CIS on Wednesday March 14
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Read all about it: Intercultural Leadership

 by Ann Straub, International Advisor

Where do you start if you want to foster the development of global citizenship in your school? For some schools, the answer might begin at the ‘top’. Modelling intercultural leadership is a great way to nurture an environment that thrives on intercultural learning and global citizenship. Here are some of our favorite books that help introduce the concept of intercultural leadership to our member schools. These resources can help set you on your path – whether you’re on a personal or whole-school journey. 


The Culture Map by Erin Meyer
The Culture Map is written for people dealing with intercultural differences and human interactions in a collaborative …

Posted by CIS on Thursday March 8
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A Complex Systems Approach to Educational Change and Innovation

by Kevin Fullbrook, Al-Bayan Bilingual School

Innovation and change in education is hard work. It makes some people uncomfortable – stepping off the edge into the unknown. It involves taking some risks. Often, the change or innovation that takes place is not sustainable in the long term, or doesn’t end up having the impact and effect that we had hoped to see.

Sometimes this is not necessarily because of the change or innovation itself. Its failure (or lack of impact) could be a reflection of the process itself, not the product. At Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS), we are looking at the change and innovation process through the lens of complexity theory.

Why are we using this approach?

“A complicated problem, once …

Posted by CIS on Monday February 12
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Embedding Transdisciplinary Learning into QR Codes

by Jason Hanslo, International School of Gabon Ruban Vert

During my university days I always had a soft spot for technology. As a student, on a student budget, I would spend a great deal of time finding out the cost of groceries by scanning their barcodes. The fact that those zebra stripes of varying lengths could hold a lot of information at once was mind-boggling at first, but after much research I started understanding their applications. The idea to use it one day was short-lived by the introduction of QR codes.

Quick response codes were invented in 1994 as a quick response to finding newly manufactured vehicles. It has evolved from being just another barcode by being user-friendly in that it can be scanned using a smart phone. QR …

Posted by CIS on Friday February 2
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Predicting Student Mobility

by Katryna Snow, Assistant Director of Higher Education Services, Council of International Schools

Students today have more options than ever when it comes to study outside their home country. They can take many factors into consideration when deciding where to study—language of the host country, tuition costs, distance from family, availability of degree programmes, and more. But how can universities best predict which students might be interested in them? 

University recruitment and admissions offices have finite resources—both budgets and staff—to use when trying to connect with the right students. Consequently, universities rely heavily on data to make decisions on where and how to recruit prospective …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday January 23
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How challenging global standards for school improvement led to Al TARBIYEH

by Chris Durbin, Associate Director for School Support and Evaluation, Council of International Schools

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, on behalf of the ABS Board of Trustees, welcomes the IB/CIS Evaluation Team to ABS

How A school community embraced school improvement and committed to child protection training in Arabic to meet the needs of its community.

Amman, Jordan provides a fitting location for the first CIS International Accreditation Team Evaluation using our new truly international protocol. This is a nation that is committed to global citizenship, committed to helping out its neighbouring peoples who are racked by conflict. Jordanians are exposed to dilemmas of global citizenship in their daily lives.…

Posted by CIS on Wednesday November 22, 2017
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If you’ve ever attended one of our Higher Education events, you will have noticed the fondness and collegiality that extends over our networking tables. Our university admission representatives love our guidance counsellor members. And our guidance counsellors love our admission reps. These bonds often start in one part of the world and can last for years, through various global relocations and career moves. 

So what happens when an admission representative wants to switch sides of the desk? As a part of the CIS community, they are surrounded by a very supportive network of schools and counsellors. We spoke with some of our members that have made that leap from university admissions to university guidance and found an …

Posted by CIS on Monday October 16, 2017
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