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Governmental Leadership: What does it take?

by Jane Larsson, Executive Director, Council of International Schools

Three years ago, I squeezed myself into a primary school chair at one of our schools, and looked across the low table into the eyes of four nine-year olds, each from a different country. “So,” I asked, “how are you doing? Are you developing into global citizens?” The little boy sitting across from me retorted, “We’re NOWHERE NEAR being ready as global citizens!” I asked him, “Why not?”

“Well”, he said, “You don’t always know how to ...act around people from other places. When someone new comes to our school…you have to be careful…” “If you talk to someone who is …

Posted by CIS on Monday November 14, 2016
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Learning what you don't know about Child Protection

 by Hannah Sapunor-Davis, Communications Coordinator, Council of International Schools

“My job is to tell you what you don’t know and, what you don’t know that you don’t know.” This is how Dr Joe Sullivan, a leading forensics expert, explains his role at the CIS Child Protection Workshops. It can be disconcerting when school leaders realize that they are missing vital information. And when that lack of knowledge means they are missing signs of children being abused, this discomfort creates an urgent need for expertise and resources. For this reason, we’ve created a series of Child Protection workshops throughout the world led by CIS Affiliated Consultants to support and empower …

Posted by CIS on Thursday November 3, 2016
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My CIS Journey, So Far...

by Tejal Bhatt, Visiting School Evaluator

Introduction by Chris Durbin, Associate Director of School Support & Evaluation Services, Council of International Schools

Research into happiness from many studies has shown that giving to charity, altruism, kindness and generosity towards others lifts the spirits of the donor in particular. Put simply, providing your own material needs in life are reasonably well met then people’s lives are enhanced by purpose, by variety and by community. In volunteering for CIS over many years, I personally have found real purpose in supporting educators across the world. We are still remarkably isolated as a profession. In a lifetime career in schools, we may only have up to a dozen school …

Posted by CIS on Thursday October 13, 2016
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Examining Brexit

by Jane Larsson, Executive Director, Council of International Schools

Following the historic day of decision by the people of the United Kingdom, no doubt we are all in deep reflection about the meaning of Brexit and the implications for their country, Europe and our world.

Setting politics aside, I believe this decision reflects the ongoing tension between identity and globalization. A tension that our mission and vision are intended to address – connecting ideas, cultures and educators from every corner of the world.

Each one of us comes to work each day with the ultimate goal of preparing young people to navigate the dilemmas that arise from the clash between these two forces. This is a time to consider the purpose …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday July 5, 2016
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by Peter Welch, Head of School, International School of Helsinki, Finland

Introduction by Dave Stanfield, Head of Research & Development, Council of International Schools (CIS)

Earlier this year at the CIS Symposium on Intercultural Learning, Peter Welch, Head of School at the International School of Helsinki, introduced a bespoke tool that identifies students’ cultural dispositions as a means to individualise learning. The simple but powerful survey garnered significant interest from the diverse audience of international educators for its potential to improve teaching and learning through a more comprehensive understanding of the cultural composition of a school and its unique applicability to an international school context.…

Posted by CIS on Tuesday June 7, 2016
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CIS Student Recruitment Tours – My Personal Journey

by Nunana Nyomi, Assistant Director of Higher Education Services, Council of International Schools

Since I joined CIS, I have had the privilege of working with our volunteer higher education committees to set up and promote CIS Student Recruitment Tours all over the world. As a former international admissions professional, I know the challenge of trying to get the maximum impact with limited student recruitment resources. I am convinced, through my experiences, that CIS tours provide the best potential for institutions and individuals to meet their internationalization goals.

Prior to my employment with CIS, I participated as a university representative on the 2014 CIS Africa Tour. I was struck by the meticulous planning and strong …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday June 7, 2016
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The Global Citizen Diploma and The Rest of the Story: Discovering the Value of a Narrative Credential for Students, Schools and Universities

by Damien Pitter, Global Coordinator, Global Citizen Diploma, and the local GCD Coordinator at Yokohama International School

Introduction by Jane Larsson, Executive Director, Council of International Schools

One of the recurring themes of my conversations with school leaders often centres on a genuine desire to figure out a way to portray the unique experiences of international school students within their university applications. At the same time, our university admission members are dealing with an ever-increasing number of student applications, while the number of places for these students often remains the same. Measures designed to predict academic success ease the filtering process for many institutions while frustrating school …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday April 12, 2016
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Data-Driven Direction: Simple but Important Insights

by Dave Stanfield, Head of Research & Development, Council of International Schools

It was mid-2014, and CIS was deep in development mode, collecting perspective from members as we began to design our new International Accreditation Protocol, and at the same time, working closely with ten schools to pilot our new International Certification Service. In the midst of this development, I arrived at CIS in a newly created role, Head of Research and Development, one designed to ensure the integrity of the data we collect through our services to schools – and to purposefully share it in usable form to drive school improvement. The vital role of Research and Development in international primary and secondary education drew me to join …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday March 1, 2016
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Turning Point School – A Deep Dive into Global Citizenship

by Stuart McLay, Associate Director of School Support & Evaluation, Council of International Schools

In my career which has included over twenty years leading international schools around the globe, the concept of global citizenship has loomed large, not just in my thoughts, but in my everyday working life. Indeed, I vividly recall a mission statement review meeting that dramatically stalled on what global citizenship actually meant in the context of our school. What followed was literally months of debate as stakeholder representatives from across the school community wrestled with the task of turning an oft-used phrase into something of substance that could be clearly articulated and effectively measured. In truth, I am not sure the …

Posted by CIS on Friday January 1, 2016
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Resisting Empathy Fatigue

y Jane Larsson, Executive Director, Council of International Schools

Today we launch CIS Perspectives, a blog about our community. Why should you take the time to read this blog? What will you find of value within? Our focus will be on meaningful actions taken by members of the CIS Community, actions with broad implications which we’ll explore together. We know there are great things going on around the world in our schools and universities, and we’re all eager to learn from our peers about their initiatives and experiences. And so, this blog will feature the stories we see and hear as we meet with members of the CIS Community around the world who are shaping the future of international education.

Today, I’ll tell you …

Posted by CIS on Saturday November 28, 2015
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