Dina is a lecturer on a range of UCL Institute of Education courses at PGCE, MA and doctoral level. She co-leads the new MA TESOL (pre-service). In her previous roles: she was on the core IOE team developing the National English as an Additional Language (EAL) Workforce Strategy; a key staff member in the development of the new programmes addressing the needs of bilingual children: MA in Bilingual Learners in Urban Settings and PGCE EAL Pathway, which she has led since 2010. Her previous roles also include: Deputy Director of the London Education Research Unit (2009-11) and the editor of the IOE publication the London Digest, with the brief of generating and sharing knowledge on key education issues in London and global cities. Her international engagements currently include: visiting lecturer at J.J. Strossmayer University, Osijek, Croatia on the doctoral programme in linguistics and University of Zadar, Croatia, where she is a module leader on the doctoral programme. She is also the external examiner for Language and Society MA course at London School of Economics (LSE). Her research focuses on attitudes to bilingualism/multilingualism, minority languages and positioning of languages in relation to domination, political power and language disappearance.

Selected publications:

  1. Mehmedbegovic, D (2008) Bilingual Theatre, in Multilingual Europe: Diversity and Learning, Kenner, C and Hickey, T. (eds.) Trentham Book Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent (39-46 pp)
  2. Mehmedbegovic, D (2008) Leading increasingly linguistically diverse schools, Educate, Special Issue, October 2008 Vol 8, No 2, The Journal of Doctoral Research in Education, IOE, London (4-21 pp)
  3. Mehmedbegovic, D in Curriculum Briefing (Vol 6 No 3, 2008) Taking down language barriers: Embracing bilingualism
  4. Mehmedbegovic, D Community/ Foreign Languages in Hill, D and Helavaara Robertson, L (eds.) (2009) Equality in the Primary School: Promoting good practice across the curriculum, London: Continuum, (243 – 260 pp)
  5. Mehmedbegovic, D (2009) How can leaders unlock bilingual learning potential?, Professional Development Today, 12.1.
  6. Mehmedbegovic, D. (2009)  Researching attitudes and values attached to first language maintenance, in The Best of Language Issues articles from the first 20 years of NATECLA’s ESOL journal, edited by Bhonet, R and Illes, E, Avanti Books, London (58-71 pp)
  7. Eversley, J, Mehmedbegovic, D, Sanderson, A, Tinsley, T and Wiggins, D. R. (2010) Language Capital: Mapping the languages of London’s school children, IOE&CILT, London
  8. Mehmedbegovic, D (2012) In Search of High Level Learner Engagement: Autobiographical Approaches with Children and Adults, in Mallows, D (2012 ed) Innovations in English Language Teaching for Migrants and Refugees, British Council, London (65 – 79 pp)
  9. Mehmedbegovic, D (2012) Developing Intercultural Competencies: Classroom Interventions in London Schools, in Urias, D (2012 ed) The Immigration & Education Nexus: A Focus on the Context & Consequences of Schooling, Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei (161-171 pp)
  10. Mehmedbegovic, D, Skrandies, P, Byrne, N and Harding-Esch, P (2015) Multilingualism in London: LUCIDE City Report, Research Report

Selected conference presentations:

  • Intercultural Education, Osijek, Croatia (Keynote) 2010
  • In Search of the Highest Level of Learner Engagement: Autobiographical Approaches with Children and Adults, EERA, Berlin, 2011
  • Reflecting on the Provision for Equipping the School Workforce in England for a Multilingual School Population: Research Conducted with Experts, EERA, Berlin, 2011
  • Multilingualism versus Plurilingualism: Making the qualitative leap, CerCles, LSE, 2012
  • Academic Chair, IOE –BNU Conference Equity and Quality in Education, Beijing, 2012
  • Pedagogy, Innovation and Education, University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013
  • Multilingual Cities, LUCIDE, (Keynote), University of Osijek, Croatia, 2013
  • British Council: EAL Round Table and Seminar, London, 2013
  •  Multilingualism in London, SOAS, London (Keynote) 2013
  • Invited Presentation at the EU Parliament: Multilingualism in Europe debate, 2013
  • TEAL Scotland, Glasgow, (Keynote), 2014
  • Bilingual Learners, Rewrite, London, (Keynote) 2014
  • British Academy, Invited Speaker: Community Languages: Policy and Pedagogy, 2014

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