The Secret Principal: Stories of International School Leadership From Behind Closed Doors

Speaker: Ed Wickins
Institution: ESF KLC, Hong Kong

What are the key challenges that face school leaders and how do different individuals approach these challenges? Are the stories Principals tell contextual and cultural or do they reflect wider themes? This presentation will reveal all!

Interviews with over twenty Hong Kong international school Principals provided data for a doctoral dissertation and shed light on the murky corners of the Principal's study. We will show how Principals distribute leadership to build capability and how they invest in different forms of capital to meet their strategic objectives. More importantly, we will tell the stories of leadership using the cultural voices of the participants. Everyone has their own individual narrative and we will challenge you to learn from others. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share the insights of school leaders and spend an hour considering what goes on behind the closed doors of the secret Principal.

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