Institutional Identity and School-Community Matters: 'Encapsulated' and 'Inclusive' Lessons for Student Engagement from Two International Schools in Hong Kong

Speaker: Eric Jabal
Organisation: Independent Schools Foundation Academy, Hong Kong

An engaging education attends to how students perceive and experience schooling. This presentation uses data, collected as part of a mixed-methods PhD study, of the conditions that make international schools engaging places for students. It explores the school culture and community contexts that impact student engagement.

How might we understand and develop a shared ethos of global citizenship amongst teachers and leaders to enhance students' positive and productive schooling experience? The twin notions of 'institutional habitus' and 'encapsulated-inclusive' school missions focus the discussion. The findings are expected to be of relevance to those decision makers and practitioners interested in enhancing effective leadership in culturally diverse international school environments by achieving a better fit between students and the school.

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