Ways of Knowing - What it is to be Internationally Minded

Speaker: Anny Lawrence and Amanda McLean
Institution: Brighton Primary School, Australia and Caulfield Junior College, Australia

Making direct connections between the Australian Curriculum and intercultural understanding has made international mindedness accessible and teachable at Brighton Primary School.

The organising elements for intercultural understanding are:

  • recognising culture and developing respect
  • interacting and empathising with others
  • reflecting on cultural experiences and taking responsibility.

These elements can also be found at the core of the Primary Years Programme and its constructivist approach to inquiry. This presentation will address work done at Brighton Primary School. Our focuses are:

  1. How teaching the “personal and social capabilities” of the Australian Curriculum promotes intercultural understanding and provides a context and framework for building students’ understanding and application of the attributes of international mindedness;
  2. How teaching the “personal and social capabilities” of the Australian Curriculum has moved the attributes of international mindedness from aspirations to actions.

Making direct connections with capabilities for intercultural understanding in the Australian Curriculum provides the framework and content for teachers to teach international mindedness. The capabilities approach makes international mindedness teachable.

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