Plus et en vous

Speakers: James Dalziel, Claire Psillides and Stuart MacAlpine
Institution: East Campus UWCSEA, Singapore

When Kurt Hahn started the first United World College, the emphasis on service learning was profound, with a particular emphasis, at that time, on life-saving. This led even in its first few years to major developments in rescue services, such as the invention of the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) by students and teachers at UWCAC which has subsequently become the standard life-boat for sea rescue. But as 'service' has extended its reach from students' immediate surroundings and visible, urgent needs, to global issues such as education, health and the environment, and from an individual in need to communities with needs, the idea of service learning and the relationships between those who 'serve' and those who are 'served' have become much more complex.

Over the last 40 years UWCSEA has had a rich dialogue about the learning that takes place during service and the impact on those we partner with. During this session we will share some of the ways in which we make learning explicit and powerful whilst forming lasting partnerships with other communities and institutions. In doing so we redefine what is possible to achieve with a service programme and reshape thinking about what 'service' is.

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