The Transcultural School

Speaker: Dr. Eeqbal Hassim
Institution: Melbourne Graduate School of Education

To support intercultural learning in schools is to acknowledge that the world is interconnected in dynamic and complex ways. This keynote argues for the need to change the way we think about intercultural learning, from an activity that seeks to develop greater intercultural awareness, understanding and competence among students to one that recognises and builds on transculturality in schools (and beyond) as a given.

Through the processes of globalisation and transnationalism, the world is becoming increasingly transcultural. International schools are examples of transculturality, where cultural hybrids interact to produce further hybridity. This hybridity involves students and their families, teachers, the curriculum, pedagogy, teaching and learning resources, and knowledge itself. While transculturality exists in all schools, it is not always recognised. Recognising transculturality as a given supports sophisticated, deep and transformative learning focused on cultural connectivity, its challenges, opportunities and consequences. Its purpose is to enable students to navigate cultural complexities in constructive ways, which is essential to the social sustainability of the world.

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