The Impact of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

Speaker: Dr. Bradley Shrimpton
Institution: International Baccalaureate

The aim of the study that will be presented during this session is to generate a rich understanding of student and alumni perceptions of the value of the IB Diploma (DP) core component ‘Creativity, Action and Service’ (CAS) and to explore effective CAS implementation practices. The study focuses on IB World Schools located in countries within the Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East, and consists of three major components:

  • The first component of the research identifies activities and initiatives undertaken by students as part of CAS. This aspect of the research will document, classify and categorize the different types of CAS initiatives and activities completed by Diploma (DP) students.
  • The second study component will explore the perceptions of IB DP students and DP alumni about CAS regarding:
    • the level of satisfaction of students (current and alumni) with CAS
    • the longer term outcomes of CAS identified by DP alumni. 

This aspect of the study will also explore student and school perceptions of the direct and indirect benefit/s of CAS to Diploma students, and compare and contrast these viewpoints across countries and regions.

  • The final component of the study will seek to establish CAS ‘best practices’ with a specific focus on procedures and practices used by schools to implement, promote and sustain CAS effectively. Moreover, this facet of the research will also seek to identify practices that successfully fulfil intended CAS outcomes.

The research will be undertaken in a variety of schools contexts (e.g. small and large schools, state as well as private schools), and in dissimilar cultural settings, to capture a range of contextually different approaches to supporting and implementing CAS. A key aim of this project is to identify best practices that fully employ all essentials of CAS — creativity, action, service; involving a range and diversity of activities across the identified locations that can be shared with the whole International Baccalaureate community.

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