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International Student Award

The CIS International Student Award recognizes outstanding students at member schools for projects which exemplify internationalism. International Student Awards are presented to an individual student or a group of students in recognition of their contributions to the promotion of global citizenship and the development of international awareness in their communities.

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Meet the International Student Award recipients

Making a difference

Meet Hajar Khalid, from American International School Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who received the International Student Award in 2017.

Project: People of Colour

Hajar Khalid is an advocate for the rights of people of colour. Inspired by the "Black Lives Matter'' campaign, she initiated a Black History Week on campus, where a series of presentations, talks, film showings and discussions culminated in a lunchtime exhibition on the civil rights movement and the continuing struggle of people of colour to gain equal rights. Her advocacy extends to the Poetry Slam Club, where she writes her own poetry, performs it and educates her peers about black and minority poets and their work. Hajar has also been a powerful voice in our International Women''s Day assemblies, which are now entirely student created and run. This year Hajar extended her advocacy beyond the walls of our campus when she wrote and delivered a TedxYouth@AIS-R. For Hajar, education is not simply about marks, but making a difference. She is a powerful role model for young women of colour everywhere!

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