Student Awards & Recognition

International Student Award

The CIS International Student Award recognizes outstanding students at member schools for projects which exemplify internationalism. International Student Awards are presented to an individual student or a group of students in recognition of their contributions to the promotion of global citizenship and the development of international awareness in their communities.

Award submissions are on hiatus at this time. New details for this programme will be available in the second half of 2019.

Meet the International Student Award recipients

Making a difference

Meet Theodore (Theo) Bien, from Bangkok Patana School, Thailand, who received the International Student Award in 2018.

Project: Habitat for Humanity Community Action Team

The Habitat for Humanity Club at Bangkok Pantana partners with Habitat for Humanity to help improve the quality of life for Thai people by building homes and transforming communities. Theo Bien led the Habitat for Humanity Club from March 2017 – March 2018. Theo was a key driver in multiple school activities focused on addressing inequality and raising funds and awareness for the house-building project. His enthusiasm, passion and dedication to the project were key factors to its success.

This year the club raised awareness about the impact of poor housing on communities and the impact a sustainable housing programme can have to improve the quality of life. The club held campaigns during lunchtimes and at school events raising funds and educating students, teachers and parents using displays, activities and videos to promote the cause. Theo was seen to be at the heart of all of the campaigns by leading and coordinating them.

In addition to raising awareness, the club raised funds (220,000 baht) and carried out an annual build to provide a home for a family in rural Thailand. This year, Theo led the team build to Rayong and was instrumental in the success of the project. Before the event, he was involved in the planning of the trip, ensuring enough funds had been raised, the team had been selected and all logistics covered. During the building project he was a key player with his tireless energy and enthusiasm. He motivated the team members ensuring the completion of tasks each day and following the build he worked with the team to reflect on the success and identify areas for improvement.

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