Making Sense of a New Place: Transition of International School Leaders

Speaker: Megan Maher
Institution: Lincoln Community School, Ghana

In this session, participants will learn and discuss current and foundational research about how individuals make their personal journey to cultural awareness.  International school leaders are continually involved in this process of becoming culturally aware - on both a personal level and as a guide for faculty.  As a member of an international school community, individuals must come to understand many new places - the school, the greater school community, and the new host country. 

The presenter is engaged in doctoral research to analyze how international school leaders make this journey to cultural awareness.  Participants will engage with literature about the meaning of place, the stages of cultural awareness, and the initial findings of the researcher's data.  At the end of this session, participants will be more aware of foundational and current literature regarding place and cultural awareness, will be able to identify their own levels of cultural awareness, and will be better able to help identify the cultural awareness of others.

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