Awards for Individuals

Faiqa Al-Harthy, 17
Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Organiser of key fundraising and awareness-raising school events

Faiqa Al-HarthyAs Head Girl, Faiqa was one of the key organisers of Pink Day, raising cancer awareness and funds, and International Day, festooning the school in a myriad of colour and then taking care of the logistical arrangements for the event. With over 60 nationalities in the school, Faiqa has worked with many students and teachers of differing backgrounds, giving her time and energy willingly, and disseminating the school’s ethos of mutual understanding and cooperation at all times. She has been exemplary in this role.

Abdulla Al-Hemaidi, 16
Al Khor International School, Qatar
Project: Doha Centre for Media Freedom and other global projects

As an ambassador for his school, Abdulla has led a team of National Scholars in cooperation with Texas A&M University (USA) to explore the characteristics of fuel for a better future. He was a reporter at the Doha Media Centre and covered a United Nations conference. As a key member of the school body he supports many school events and exemplifies the developing qualities of an outstanding citizen. Abdulla has intertwined himself into the very fabric of his community, with a significant influence in the locality. He performs the role as an interpreter to political dignitaries and community members of the Al-Gannas Society in Qatar.

Abdulla has demonstrated an empathy and compassion to benefit others, this has been combined with an excellent understanding of global perspectives. He has been able to make the journey from a young learner, to an academic, as well as an ambassador for Al Khor International School as a proactive, practicing global citizen. 

Freya Bonenberger, 18
The British School, New Delhi, India
Project: Empowerment of Underprivileged Children

Freya BonenbergerFreya’s love for India and desire to contribute to the community has been significant. After moving to Delhi six years ago, she made great efforts in learning the language, and by the end of the first year she became fluent in Hindi and conversant in Urdu. This gave her the opportunity to explore the less glamorous side of India, Delhi in particular. She took the lead in the work with one specific group, the ‘Annapoorna’ school through the school’s outreach programmes and spent hours teaching them English language skills. What began as a CAS activity, was taken way beyond the mandatory hours with Freya investing a lot of time and energy in making it meaningful for them. She planned all the sessions over two semesters and executed them with care and concern. The language skills taught had a specific purpose--to empower the children to do well in English thereby ensuring better access to the job market in India.  For the underprivileged children, the whole process of interacting with Freya and her team was in itself an empowering process. They became more vocal and aware of their environment and were motivated to improve their skills. The programme was a success and is still an integral part of the school’s outreach programme and continues to flourish.

Thanh Chau Do, 17
Renaissance International School Saigon, Vietnam
 Save the Rhino Appeal

Thanh Chau DoChau entered the Wild Rhino Competition by The Wilderness Foundation and was chosen to spend 2 weeks in a Game Reserve in South Africa. She shared what she learned during whole school assemblies and spear-headed a very successful event to raise awareness of the plight of the world’s rhinos and raise funds for The Wilderness Foundation. Chau also co-planned another initiative, Wilderness Foundation Forever Wild: Feral Steps Piano Competition. The event involved competitions between pupil pianists from several International Schools in Ho Chi Minh City. It was a perfect opportunity to present the plight of the world's dwindling rhino population to a widely diverse audience.

Arineeta Deb, 15

International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: The Joy of Giving Project 

Arineeta DebArineeta Deb has shown tremendous initiative in spearheading a team during the Joy of Giving week, which involved collection of material[ dry food, clothes, books, etc] for the lesser privileged. The activity called for a demonstration of organizational skills and coordination with students across different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. She has also been a key participant in several other service learning projects at school such the Story Sack and a Drama production for children from an underprivileged background. 

Roman Fekante, 18
Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand
Project: Peer Support

Roman FekanteFollowing an In School Assistance programme, Roman has taken the initiative to provide support to students and has worked tirelessly to ensure children are happy at our school. She has encouraged the inclusion of all nationalities at school by spending break times facilitating communication and interaction of students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She has also encouraged positive participation from students in events such as the charity bake sales that she has been heavily involved with to raise funds for local charitable organisations.

Nikhil Goyal, 18
NIST International School, Thailand
Project: “Om Goi" project and NIST Fair Trade Coffee

Nikhil has been a driving force behind a number of service projects at NIST IS including the "Om Goi" project and NIST Fair Trade Coffee, both of which have helped local communities in Northern Thailand and Cambodia further develop and gain income based on Fair Trade Coffee and water purification projects.  These two main projects he has been involved in show his compassion and his ability to see the bigger picture.  He has exemplified all that is good about students having the chance to interact with their host community and communities beyond the national borders. Nikhil has been a role model to the school community and has encouraged others to follow his lead in giving time, energy and enthusiasm to helping those less fortunate than himself in terms of opportunity and support for local communities.

Tainika Kane-Potaka, 14
International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: Middle School Production 

Tainika Kane-PotakaA great team player, Tainika Kane-Potaka successfully directed the Middle School Play , ‘When I Grow Up’ and demonstrated an amazing repertoire of skills with respect to managing her team and ensuring that everyone played a vital role in the end product. Her creativity extended not just to direction, but also to choreography, scripting and editing while maintaining a calm and mature front all the time, especially when dealing with unforeseen obstacles. 

Naman Kasliwal, 11
Bangkok Patana School, Thailand
Project: Environmental sustainability through reducing human impact

Naman KasliwalNaman’s role within the Student Environmental Committee has been to reduce the use of paper cups in school and encourage people to use a reusable plastic bottle. As a key member of this group, he has showed strong leadership skills throughout the project, working collaboratively alongside students from KS2 through to Y13 from many different nationalities and cultures. In his own time, Naman has researched possible ways of achieving the goal of his group and, through giving 100% at all times, he is making a visible impact in terms of reducing our environmental human impact at Bangkok Patana School.

Urjashi Laha, 13
Pathways World School, India
Project: Astitva: Our Bit to Nature for Our Existence

Urjashi LahaThe essence of project ‘Astitva: Our Bit to Nature for Our Existence’ is centred around spreading awareness to people about the importance of every individual’s contributions to nature. The endeavour of a 13-year-old student at Pathways World School, Aravali’s main objective is to spread the message through the creative expression of a dance & drama; conceptualised, scripted and choreographed by Urjashi Laha and propagated through various forms of media to reach out to the masses. More information on this project can be found at

Benedetta Landi, 18
The International School of Milan, Italy
Project: Model United Nations (MUN)

Benedetta Landi

Benedetta has made a major contribution to promoting MUN in school and raising student awareness of international issues. She has been a committed member (and leader) of MUN delegations, workshops, committees and clubs during High School, demonstrating a genuine passion for geo-political issues and the political process involved in United Nations diplomacy. She has taken part in 4 full MUN simulations and was a member of a special delegation to MUN EXPO last summer. She has held the role of National Ambassador and Chairperson of an MUN Committee. Benedetta’s passion and leadership have inspired her peers to engage with, debate and take action on global issues from a context of collaborative problem-solving involving multiple and contrasting perspectives. 

Mathis (Ken) Lohatepanont, 16
KIS International School, Thailand
Project: Thai and global politics

Mathis (Ken) LohatepanontIn a series of blog posts stretching back to 2012 and beyond, Mathis (Ken) has sought to explain, using wit and erudition, situations as diverse as the 2011 floods in Thailand, the Greek financial meltdown, the rise in popularity of Donald Trump in the USA and the reasoning behind the coup that took place here in 2014. In all of these he takes an apolitical stance and is open to both comment and discussion with his readers. He has used his blog to educate not just himself but also countless readers of his pages.

Siddhartha Manaktala, 7
Pathways World School, India
Project: Pure Hearts - A Children’s Initiative

Siddhartha has been very actively involved in working for society since he was 5 years old. A few kids from our residential community got together to form a club called Pure Hearts in 2014 with the objective of taking up initiatives towards helping society. Siddhartha has been a founding and active member of the club since its inception. He has been deeply impacted by various issues facing our society today and works with passion and determination towards projects the group undertakes with the objective of giving back to society.

The aim of this club is to raise funds for various social concerns, including flood relief, cancer treatment, acid attack victims, medicines for old age homes, organising eye camps for the under privilege, campaign against consumption of tobacco and many others.

Siddhartha’s concerns and related initiatives have no geographic boundaries and are focused on for the good of humanity. Saving trees, consumption of tobacco, saying no to plastic are examples of initiatives that exemplify his concern and work towards betterment of society at large.

Molly Nylund 
Stockholm International School, Sweden
Project: For her thought-provoking movie on Global Citizenship

Carlotta Kunze, 17
Bandung Independent School, Indonesia
Project: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

Carlotta KunzeThe project Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is an organisation that focuses on children with cancer and supporting the family with raising funds for medical care, transportation to the hospital as well as supporting the costs of accommodation for families who live outside the city. 

Tanaka Nhokwara, 18
The International School of Uganda, Uganda
Project: Facilitating the 2015 Ugandan Model United Nations

Tanaka Nhokwara

The Ugandan Model United Nations Conference is a student initiative established in 2014 and was spearheaded by Tanaka Nhokwara this year. The UGMUN provides a free forum that enables students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to debate global issues, without financial constraints.

Nina Podolsky, 18
The International School of Florence, Italy
Project: TedX and Student Council

Nina PodolskyAn encouraging and natural leader, Nina rallies all students to come together and participate in a wide range of creative, athletic, academic, and altruistic activities, helping to foster a strong sense of fellowship. As an active member of the Student Council, Nina helped to organize two Student Forums in which students take shared responsibility for school-wide learning for the day. Nina was also the main coordinator of a TEDx event which was curated by ISF last year, where the theme was “Exploring an even bigger world”, which aimed to embrace the diversity of the youth present, both as speakers and as audience members.  

Savannah Powell, 18
International School of Indiana, United States
Project: Community Service Club / Social Justice Club

Savannah PowellSavannah Powell is a member of the student leadership team for the Community Service Club. She participates in and helps organize students to do translation and food service at the Crooked Creek Food Pantry in Indianapolis. Savannah also teaches English at Vida Nueva Iglesia Metodista Unida and created a library so that members can easily find English books to read.

Savannah created and s the Social Justice Club at the school. She led an assembly on Martin Luther King Day entitled, "Choose Love Not Hate." As part of this she led the student body in the creation of a video to highlight the school’s diversity and acceptance of others. Students from over 30 different countries participated in this video.

Saburo Suzuki
Stockholm International School, Sweden
Project: For his work and engagement with the SIS MUN programme and conference that this year has grown into the regional conference. 

May Thandar, 18
ISS International School, Singapore, Singapore
Project: Down Syndrome Educational Outreach

May ThandarMay has been an active volunteer in the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore for three years. When she visited her home country at the end of last year, she took what she had learned in Singapore and created a presentation for a school there, in Myanmar, where she spoke with students of many different nationalities, in order to increase awareness of Down Syndrome in Myanmar and to inspire students to reach out to people with Down Syndrome. 

Xavier Weiss, 18
International School of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Project: L.E.A.F. - Leave Earth Alone Foundation

Xavier WeissL.E.A.F. (Leave Earth Alone Foundation) is a non-profit environmental organization which aims to gradually reconcile human flourishment with environmental concerns. It functions locally to ensure that the whole school community becomes more aware of options available to them with regards to sustainable living. Local businesses have been approached for sponsorship of a “green campus” by installing solar panels on the roofs of main buildings. A Renewable Energy Strategy (RES) booklet has been written and distributed, a website created, and film clips shot on campus have been uploaded to promote awareness and involvement. There are plans to register the foundation formally within the Netherlands in the near future.

Tomoko Yasuda, 18
Yokohama International School, Japan
Project: Chiku/Sanagitachi project

Tomoko Yasuda

Tomoko has been a leader of two service groups working with homeless people in the local community as well as working as an individual in these areas in her own time. She has also been the leader of the school-wide Student Service Committee. The Chiku/Sanagitachi project involved working with homeless communities in the local area. The groups donated food, raised funds to buy goods such as rice, clothing, and toiletries. The project then required students to work in the communities - night patrols to distribute goods, check on the well-being of homeless, making and serving lunches on a weekly basis.

So Yun Chang, 18
American International School of Guangzhou, China
Project: Global Issues Network - Shao Guan Scholarship Project 

So Yun ChangSo Yun Chang has led the Global Issues Network (GIN) community service club for the last two years. The group focuses on supporting a group of 60 underprivileged girls in the Shao Guan area in attaining a scholarship for their high school education. They travel to Shao Guan three times a year to work with these girls, their families, and the elderly in the local community. So Yun organizes these trips for the GIN group, and has been an outstanding leader of this project. She is very passionate and sincerely committed about her participation in these activities and has genuine interactions with the local girls. Most impressively, she builds capacity among others.

Xin Nuo (May) Zhang, 9
Teda International School, China
Project: Community Service to Street Cleaners

Xin Nuo (May) ZhangMay organized a small garage sale by collecting donations (including toys, clothing and monetary donations) from her classmates. May raised enough money to buy hand warmers and face masks for the local garbage collectors who keep Teda clean and beautiful.  May's modest vision made a difference in the lives of many men and women whose humble job is to sweep our streets.  She provided them with a little more comfort and warmth.  But beyond the physical gifts, May let these men and women know that they matter, that they are seen, that they are appreciated.


Awards for Groups

Secondary 4 - Global Perspectives 2016
Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand

Project: Emotional Intelligence in Education

Student names: Natkamol Itthithavorn, Nichanun Puapattanakajorn, Sorawich Lim & Timothy Babia

This group was interested in examining the role of emotional intelligence within a school’s curriculum, both in their home country of Thailand and within the global sphere. The group initiated two projects – Spirit Week and Student Support Society. Spirit Week was conceived in hopes to increase school spirit and unity. The Student Support Society was a program comprised of an academic study group, peer emotional and stress assistance, and a future plans discussion forum. The group also collaborated with students from America, Japan, and Singapore, by examining how the different countries perceive and integrate emotional intelligence within their curriculum. This helped the group better understand their identities not just at a national level, but as global citizens as well.  All of their research and findings were presented and share with the school’s study body, thereby educating the school on this topic.

The Student Volunteer Club: Awake and Build
Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
Project: Together, we create goodwill

Student Names: Zere Zarkymova (12th Grade), Zhaukazyn Esimzhumartova (12th Grade), Alikhan Turash (7th Grade), Amina Ayubaeva (7th Grade), Fatima Bazargalieva (7th Grade), Svetlana Zhetkeeva (7th Grade), Sabina Bolatova (7th Grade), Raihan Madeniet (7th Grade), Karina Kadyrbaeva (7th Grade), Azhar Askarbekova (10th Grade), Erik Zhanseit (6th Grade), Aidos Kamatayev –(10th Grade) 

The club organised a regional festival with the theme, “Together, we create goodwill”, supporting the integration of disabled people into society. We aimed to create an event where a positive attitude towards people with disabilities could be fostered through art, performance and crafts. Student worked on all aspects of the festival, supporting participants from local centres for the disabled.

Although the most students involved are first-language Kazakh speakers, Russian was chosen as the primary language for the festival, as it was the predominant language of the participants. Kazakh and English items were also included in the repertoire.

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Uralsk, Kazakhstan
Project: A NIS Story: Special Books for Special Friends

From left to right: Botagoz Sultangaliyeva (Project Leader & Dormitory Caregiver), Marina Serikkaliyeva (Grade 7), Beket Myrzanov (9), Albina Kashpayeva (7), Timur Bulatov (7), Dana Silybayeva (7), Islam Zhandaliyev (7), Zhannur Kazenova (7), Dias Sagatov (7), Rimma Davletova (7) and Zhanyl Kupeshova (Head of Dormitory). 

NIS Uralsk defines global citizenship as a commitment “that furthers our relationship with the world.” We might add “…and others’ relationship with the world.” Part I of our “Special Books for Special Friends” initiative gifted members of Uralsk’s visually impaired community an artful, NIS student-designed book featuring the 42-letter Kazakh alphabet in Braille & an accompanying variety of tactile creations animating the alphabet. Part II of NIS’ effort involved NIS students translating English & Russian language stories into Kazakh—a language seldom used to interpret foreign literature--& audio recording global texts in the native tongue.

Nepal Project
Stockholm International School, Sweden

Student Names: Kresimir Krajnovic, Julia Vestberg, Hallie Marcellus

These three students have been leading the Nepal project for two years. They are responsible for hosting the Nepal Project Family walk in April together with the International Women's Organisation. The students went to Nepal last year and this year. Just after we returned from the trip last year there was the earthquake. The students then arranged a fair to raise money to help shelter the students and their families in Nepal. The students have also organised assemblies for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, all adapted to suit the different age groups, to promote the Nepal project.  The students also presented their work at the recent Nordic Network Conference to teachers from schools across the region. 

The lower school student council and lower school students 
ACS Hillingdon International School, United Kingdom
Project Title: Helping others near and far

Making a difference in the lives of others is something the lower school students at ACS Hillingdon aim to do every school year. Our students raised £332.99 for Save the Children by getting our entire school community involved in a Holiday Jumper Day. In addition, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has treated some of our children and holds a special place in our heart. Students are organizing a team to take part in a 5K this May to support GOSH. So far we have raised £643.98! Our students have shown a true commitment to global citizenship and are always looking for a way to help others both near and far. 

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