As a leader in international education, our partnerships within the global community mean that you will be a part of a wider professional network.

  • Universities: we support recent education graduates at partner universities to enter the international education field. Our current partners are Queen’s University, SUNY Plattsburgh, and University of British Colombia (UBC), both located in Canada; and we are in discussion with others.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) organization: CIS is recommended by the IB to help their educators find positions in schools offering IB programmes.
  • International Task Force on Child Protection: The CIS Executive Director is the Chair of the International Task Force on Child Protection, a coalition of 90+ volunteers, tasked with addressing the challenges of ensuring child safety within international schools. The task force includes leaders of international education organizations, school leaders, counsellors and teachers, working collaboratively across professions with law enforcement officials and the medical community. CIS provides workshops to schools and their staff on how to integrate child protection practices in schools.
  • CIS School Evaluation and Accreditation: If you work at a school accredited by CIS, you may have an opportunity to volunteer on a CIS Accreditation team. You will receive professional training and to work with peers from international schools all over the world. This has been widely claimed as one of the best professional development opportunities around!

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