Educational Universality Through a Humane Lens: We ≠ You + Me

Living in the heart of the world, Jordan, we view ourselves as a universal humane uniting force that carries the balance and harmony the world needs through our understanding of existing in the world. Our understanding is based on a passionately rational existence rather than a notion of coexistence: We exist in unity and harmony, rather than coexist as one and “the other”. The paradox of the entire world being one small village brings to the forefront the simplicity of breaking bread, yet the depth and strenuous effort of consciously weaving strong bonds. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we do not suffer the ailing of division, extremism, and eccentricity. On the contrary, it is through viewing what we seek, and veering oars toward that goal that we are able to have hope, be grounded in reality, and direct reality towards what we hope: a humane, universal one!   

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