Pauline O’Brien 

Pauline O’Brien has transformed recruitment services at CIS, initiating a strategic move to focus on candidate career development. She has led the development of screening and selection practices, introducing methods to assist candidates in building skills-based professional portfolios. Pauline has crafted career workshops for delivery at international conferences and within CIS schools; together with her team, she delivers personalised consultation sessions for all CIS-Approved candidates. Pauline has initiated a programme for talented new teachers graduating from CIS member universities, to foster and develop interest in international teaching. Pauline conducts sessions on Women in Leadership, encouraging women to recognise and explore their leadership skills and competencies. Her service on the International Task Force for Child Protection (ITFCP) resulted in the creation and delivery of educational sessions on ‘Effective International Recruitment Practices’ worldwide.

Responsible for CIS Leadership Search Services, Pauline works directly with school boards and communities to advise them on effective practices when selecting a new school leader. With extensive experience interviewing hundreds of professionals over the years, her enduring aim is to find that ‘right fit’ and make that ‘right match’. Relationship building is high on Pauline’s list of priorities, something she never tires of. Originally from Ireland, Pauline moved to the Netherlands in 1986 where she studied Management, PR & Marketing in the Dutch language.

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