Liliana Gambin

Liliana Gambin is the Executive Assistant at CIS.

In her role, Liliana supports the Executive Director and the entire Leadership Team to carry out a variety of tasks, ensuring smooth organisational operations. Her organisation-wide responsibilities include planning, coordination and communications, to plan and coordinate staff meetings, to administer human resources policies and procedures in support of all employed and contracted staff, and to ensure the office is well-managed.

For six years before moving on to her current role, Liliana held the role of School Services Advisor within the School Support & Evaluation team at CIS. Throughout that time, she supported schools going through the membership and accreditation processes, as well as those pursuing Global Citizenship Certification, guiding and assisting them in understanding the requirements of the processes. She also worked closely with CIS accreditation volunteers, building accreditation teams and supporting them to prepare for their visits to schools. In this role, Liliana was also involved in a number of other key projects, most recently the development and launch of the new CIS International Accreditation protocol.

Originally from Malta, Liliana moved to the Netherlands and joined CIS in 2011. Prior to that she occupied the role of Assistant Head and Guidance teacher at St. Margaret College in Malta, following a twelve year career as a Personal & Social Development teacher in secondary schools, also in Malta. She also lived in the United Kingdom for a year, teaching Psychology at a High School in Buckinghamshire. Liliana holds a PGCE and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Malta. She has also worked as a university tutor, summer school coordinator, English proof-reader and instructor, and a research interviewer.

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