Awards for Individuals

Sharaf Awad Rahman Momen, 19
ISS International School, Singapore, Singapore
Project: Junior Achievement Company Program

Sharaf Momen was elected president of Mindful Mugs company, as part of the Singapore Junior Achievement Company of the year competition 2017. 15 of Grade 12 students formed this company, sold stock, designed ceramic mugs to encourage and raise awareness of mental health. Board of Directors were appointed to head the business functions of marketing, production, finance, human resources and operations management. The company made a profit in the end and the sale proceeds were donated to the Institute of Mental Health. For all Sharaf's ingenious efforts as the Company President, ISS was judged the first runner up (second place) in being the best running company. 

Pucknipa Bhengsri, 11
Bangkok Patana School, Thailand
Project: The Happy Prince - Thai Culture

Puckni has combined her passion for Thai traditions with her newfound love for singing, by performing as part of the cast of an opera called The Happy Prince, at the Thai Cultural Centre, in order to raise money for The Young Soloist Programme. She also recently performed as part of the choir at Patanas’s 60th birthday party, as well as singing the national anthem during the Songkran assembly.

During colder weather last year, Puckni travelled to the North of Thailand with her family where she handed out blankets to those people suffering from the colder weather conditions. Puckni is also a proud Junior Librarian and she sits on the School Student Council. She is always one of the first people to offer her help and support to new students coming into the year group. Her kind, caring attitude, her integrity and her smile are simply infectious.

By showing a deep sense of pride of her own culture and a desire to share the customs and traditions of Thai Culture with international students and families from around the world, Puckni exemplifies internationalism in her school and community.

Flavio Cannizzo, 17
Raffles World Academy, United Arab Emirates
Project: The Undecided: Senior School Rock Band

The Undecided is Raffles World Academy's first senior school rock band. It was founded by Flavio Cannizzo, when he entered the IB Diploma Program in Grade 11, and since then the band has performed at every school event. Their enthusiasm for performing has seen them reach out to other event organizers outside our school and they have performed in hotels, exhibitions and cultural events in the larger community, as well. The band's enthusiasm for music is contagious and it has inspired a legion of younger musicians at our school.

Students at our school are enrolled in the IB Diploma Program in Grades 11 and 12. We do not offer IB Music as one of our courses in the curriculum. Flavio is a self-taught musician who plays multiple instruments. He was the founder of our first ever senior school rock band and has been largely responsible for generating great enthusiasm for music not just within our school during events, lunchtime concerts (that he initiated), etc. but also in the larger community. The Undecided has performed at numerous events in the local community free of charge. They have played together for two years now and are a standard fixture at every school event.

Laila Elegaky, 17
American International School Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project: Commitment to the local and international community in Egypt

Laila's sustained commitment to service in an international context is demonstrated by the number of projects she has been involved in, which have served our school community, the Egyptian community in Riyadh and communities of impoverished villagers in Egypt. Over a number of years, Laila has been involved in advocating for the rights of villagers in their disputes with officials and governments agencies. She has also worked to supply villagers with meals at religious and national festivals, as well as building playgrounds and gardens for them to enjoy. She has played a key role in organising an annual gala at the Egyptian Embassy to commemorate a significant national event (October 6th Liberation of Sinai Celebration). This is in addition to her work with our school community as a Student Council Officer. In addition, Laila has served one of our community swim teams by coaching fund raising and supervising. Laila is an exemplary global citizen who selflessly takes action to make the world a more peaceful and equal place. 

Nuzhat Fatima, 18
The British School, New Delhi, India
Project: MY PAD

Nuzhat’s desire to contribute to the community has been significant. During her years in Delhi and at the British School, Nuzhat realized that without learning the local language (Hindi), she would not be able to connect with the local people. So she made great efforts in learning the language and by the end of the first year she became conversant in Hindi. This gave her the opportunity to explore the less glamorous side of India, Delhi in particular. She was moved by the lack of access to rudimentary health and hygiene facilities for marginalized women and wanted to provide them with knowledge about female health issues.

She took the lead in the work with one specific habitat ‘Vivekanand Settlement’ school through the school’s outreach programmes and planned an independent student leadership initiative 'You For Her' with an aim towards raising awareness difficulties about menstrual health and hygiene. She broke the taboo about talking about it and motivated her male peers of Year 12 to lend support to the initiative and together they raised awareness about the problems of less privileged women. Nuzhat also went out of her comfort zone to contact a well-known local NGO ‘GOONJ’. She found out where they were located on the border of south Delhi and visited them. In Year 13, she organised a fund raiser through the PSA and collected funds to buy an eco -friendly sanitary towel called "MYPAD" for use by the local women of Vivekananda settlement. Along with our collaboration, she organised an event where the Goonj representative and a lady doctor talked to the women about their personal problems and MY PAD’ was distributed. As a result, the women became aware of their rights and gained valuable knowledge. The programme was a success and is still an integral part of the school’s outreach programme and continues to flourish.

Nuzhat was nominated for the CIS International Student award for a genuine commitment to initiate, sustain and complete a highly significant human development project, while interacting with people of other cultures and political systems. 

Hajar Khalid, 17
American International School Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project: People of Colour

Hajar Khalid is an advocate for the rights of people of colour. Inspired by the "Black Lives Matter'' campaign, she initiated a Black History Week on campus, where a series of presentations, talks, film showings and discussions culminated in a lunchtime exhibition on the civil rights movement and the continuing struggle of people of colour to gain equal rights. Her advocacy extends to the Poetry Slam Club, where she writes her own poetry, performs it and educates her peers about black and minority poets and their work. Hajar has also been a powerful voice in our International Women''s Day assemblies, which are now entirely student created and run. This year Hajar extended her advocacy beyond the walls of our campus when she wrote and delivered a TedxYouth@AIS-R. For Hajar, education is not simply about marks, but making a difference. She is a powerful role model for young women of colour everywhere!

Arabella Langdon, 11
Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand
Project: School ambassador at FOBISIA Competitions

Bella has demonstrated the true spirit of internationalism throughout her school career. She has demonstrated outstanding commitment to extracurricular activities, showing dedication and perseverance in her participation.

Bella’s has been an integral part of the U11 girls’ basketball, athletics and swimming team this year, as well as being captain of the Under 11 Girls' Football team. She is an enthusiastic athlete who is always willing to give every task and skill her best effort. She is always keen to learn more and help others, including the teacher, with organisational set up.

During the FOBISIA International Games in KL, Malaysia, Bella demonstrated that she is a very talented sportsperson. She showed strong leadership skills and worked effectively in a team made up of different nationalities. In addition to this, she consistently made the initial interaction when talking and socialising with children from different international schools.

Meghan McMorrow, 15
American International School of Vilnius, Lithuania
Project: Green Team

Meghan started the Green Team at AISV and initiated all the projects that this club has done this year.  She wrote a proposal for the funding of recycling stations around the school and once approved, set up the stations all around the campus. 

The AISV Green Team has created an energy around the importance of being a global citizen.  Through their recycling program, which set up multi-bin stations around the school and provided education about recycling to all students K-12, the Green Team strives to stress the importance of lowering our impact on the Earth.  The team eliminated the use of paper and plastic cups around school.  They sponsored a contest among our middle school students to design a logo to be created into decals which are given away to students using a refillable water bottle.  They continue to work toward educating the AISV students about reducing, reusing and recycling.

As a member of the larger AISV Global Service Team, Meghan works to support refugees moving to Lithuania.  This includes working to support a food and clothing drive and working directly with refugees at a local Vilnius day center.  Meghan also serves as treasurer for our upper school student council.

Abdul-Latif Mukri
Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Key Participant & Organiser of Fundraising Events

As a long term student [since 2003] at MIS and Deputy Head Boy, Abdul-Latif was one of the key organisers of many fundraising events for local charities, paper recycling campaigns, International Days, Sports Days, educational excursions, local news coverage - all of which require much extra time and planning of logistics outside of school hours and personal attention to detail and leadership.

With over 62 nationalities in our school, Latif has worked with many students, teachers and parents of differing backgrounds and nationalities, giving his time and energy willingly, and disseminating the school’s ethos of mutual understanding and cooperation at all times. He has been exemplary in this role.

Mei Lin Nall, 17
NIST International School, Thailand
Project: Operation Smile Thailand

Mei Lin has been voluntarily involved in the Operation Smile Thailand service project for a number of years. She has organized and participated in Smile missions which have involved visiting rural areas of Thailand and supporting students with cleft pallates through their corrective surgery.

Over the last few years Mei Lin has worked with students from other schools on a hugely successful fundraiser that has been the most successful example in Bangkok schools.

Another great example of her commitment to service in general is her excellent TED talk on the gift of giving.

Emma Olson, 16
American International School Lusaka, Zambia
Project: Keeping Girls in School

Emma's project is rooted in promoting and supporting young women in the pursuit of education and better of themselves. In Malawi, as in many Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC), once young women reach puberty and begin to menstruate they are unable to attend school during this time, which leads gaps in their education and at times can represent the end of their educational journey. By teaching local women how to create feminine hygiene products, Emma hopes to provide opportunities to these young ladies.  

Emma is currently living in and attending school in Zambia. She returns to Malawi every summer to promote and implement this project. 

Zong-Yan Wang, 17
Moscow Economic School, Russian Federation
Project: Develop iOS 10 Apps with Swift

Zong-Yan Wang has contributed to the school through his work as Student Council President. A speaker of four languages (English, Chinese, German and Russian), Yan is also a member of Apple Genius team Moscow Economic School. As technology is a vital tool in our everyday lives, the knowledge of coding has become more essential than ever. Therefore, programming becomes “international” languages that can tight most of the population of the modern world.

A major project that Zong-Yan helped organize was about “joining hands for a better tomorrow” which perfectly reflects the spirit of the whole event. As part of this project, he and other teammates developed a 6 week-long iTunes U course (in English) to teach the whole world to program on Apple's programming language – Swift. This project unites users with almost 263 Apple developers in the world and provides them with an opportunity to collaborate worldwide. Developing apps requires creativity and can be used in service to others.

Everyone who successfully passed this course was able to develop complex iOS 10 apps with Swift without any previous programming experience.

Yan's role in this project was to organise team members and share information about this course within school. He was also very enthusiastic and encouraged everyone to have a memorable experience.

Annabelle Willeme, 17
The International School of Uganda, Uganda
Project: ABSS: the Athletic Board of Senior School

Annabelle Willeme founded ABSS, the Athletic Board of Senior School. Her original aim was to raise school spirit through inclusive sports, games, and health competitions held during lunches, on morning breaks, and at Family Festivals throughout the school year. However, the ABSS organisation developed further into the community as she began fundraising for various partner organizations such as the Hope of Children and Women's Refugee Center and the Bright Parents' School for local Ugandan children ranging in age from 6-17 years old. She organized - though ABSS - several development projects at Bright's Parent School, such as having health and hygiene speakers come to the school, championing a water filtration project for clean drinking water on the BPS campus, having new chalkboards created and installed, and a number of other projects. Annabelle did this with the enthusiastic collaboration of the Bright's Parent faculty and administration as well as with ISU students.


Saad Zahoor, 17
British School of Kuwait, Kuwait
Project: Ecotherm

Saad’s motivations to work with Ecotherm stem from his desire to help people less fortunate than himself, and his commitment to being a global citizen. Humanitarian by nature, and with an international outlook he has sought to nurture through his interactions with his fellow students, the opportunity to work with an organisation in another country was one he could not pass up.

Possessing a strong sense of social responsibility and an affinity towards helping local communities, Saad became involved with a small solar energy business in Pakistan. With limited resources and expertise, the business needed input to help take it forward from operating at a local level.

Making use of the knowledge and skills he has nurtured both independently and through school, and demonstrating outstanding creative vision and a strong commercial mind, he designed and developed a number of systems that have helped Ecotherm to grow into one that now trades nationally and internationally.

The drive for sustainable energy solutions is very much a global one, and Saad has been keen to be involved in – indeed he has been an integral part of – Ecotherm’s growth internationally, thereby promoting the use of sustainable energy beyond borders. 


Awards for Groups

Working together to make a difference
ACS Hillingdon International School, United Kingdom

Group Name: Lower School Students 

The students at ACS Hillingdon are always finding ways to help others. This year they raised £146 for Save the Children and £236 for Comic Relief by organizing a school wide Holiday Jumper and Red Nose Day. In addition, we welcomed back Dr. Emiko Nakayama, ACS Hillingdon alumni, to tell us about the incredible work she does for Médecins Sans Frontières. Students were inspired by MSF, which provides medical care wherever it is needed around the world. So far we have raised £340 to support MSF. Our students have a passion to help others and commitment to global citizenship, which shines in each meaningful project they take on.

Our student council officers spend time during their lunch, recess, after school and sometimes on the weekends to run our student council. They are in charge of our monthly meetings with the entire fourth grade where they set agendas, brainstorm ideas, problem solve, and plan events and fundraisers throughout the year. In addition, our students communicate with our parents and the rest of the lower school at our monthly assemblies. Much planning is involved and often times students volunteer to spend their time outside of the regular school day to work on projects.  

Effects of ADHD in Education
Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand

Student Names: Angel Chan Kah Mun, Jin Seob Lee & Sorakrit Chonwattanagul 

This group was interested in researching Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in terms of the effects it has on education. This project exemplifies internationalism by considering the differing cultural perspectives of ADHD and increasing understanding of how these differences affect education. The group noticed that in some cases, students with ADHD are alienated by their peers and experience academic and social disadvantages. However, they felt that all students deserve the same learning opportunities in school. Therefore, the group was interested in better understanding ADHD and researching in-classroom methods teachers could use to better support students. The group thoroughly researched ADHD via three methods: 1) online research, 2) interviews with teachers, school counsellors, and professors in the field, and 3) questionnaires to secondary students around the world. After collating and analysing their results, the group delivered an educational presentation to the teaching staff at our school, in which they introduced four in-classroom methods the teachers could utilise. The response was positive and they achieved their objective in bringing about a positive change in our school. 

Rise and Shine
International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

Student Names:  Rayna Anis Salam, Peya Mynoddin

Peya and Rayna run an after school arts program for "Friends for the Poor" school. This is a school in the slum area quite near to International School Dhaka. Each week students from the "Friends of the Poor" school come to IS Dhaka and engage with several of our secondary students in a variety of arts programs.

Visual arts, theatre and music are the three areas explored within a global perspective. Students are exposed to various artistic expressions in those three forms from around the world. The students even took this program to Nepal and shared their experiences with another school there and came back with some great ideas for collaboration and exchange.

Rayna and Peya have been committed to this project for the past two years, reflecting and improving throughout that time. They have created a new language of expression for students from less privileged backgrounds who have never known art as an avenue of fun and cross cultural commonalities. They have focused on art as a means of exposing these students to a new way of understanding the world around and beyond them.

Rayna and Peya have worked hard to bring in younger ISD students to work with them. The younger students plan programmes and volunteer their time, but are also learning about Rise and Shine from an organizational, logistical, and philosophical point of view. Both Rayna and Peya are hopeful that this programme will continue long after their upcoming graduation. 

Nepal Project Trip
Stockholm International School, Sweden

Student Names: Giordan Yates, Sebastian de Paz, Hallie Marcellus, Julia Vestberg, Carl Vestberg, Cody Marcellus, William McCrea, Olivia Taha, Tess Engvall, Maya Månsson 

The Stockholm International School’s Nepal Project was founded in 2014 with the help of world renowned UN humanitarian, Peter Daglish along with the Himalayan Voluntourism Organization in Nepal. Since then we have seen the project grow before our eyes, turning into a school wide initiative.

In the spirit of international understanding and cooperation, the vision of the SIS Nepal Project is to assist in the development of a strong, healthy educational environment in the Shila Devi Basic School in Nepal. As a group, we strive to provide the Nepali students with high quality education and to improve basic needs and comfort to ultimately broaden the horizons of the Nepali students and our own students. Furthermore, through contact with the Nepalese students, SIS students have been given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the world and develop a sense of international mindedness; through this long term commitment students have and will continue to gain an understanding of the concept service and what their contribution can mean on a global scale.

In order to create personal connections between our two communities, there is a yearly trip to Nepal where ten students are selected to travel to the Shila Devi School to teach and work with the students there. Moreover, this project has become embedded in the school community and the curriculum of the students at SIS. It is a school wide initiative that everybody is in favor of, and works to maintain our ongoing commitments. Our goal has not only brought our school community closer but has also taught everyone about the concept of internationalism as well as what it is to be a global citizen.

The Zhang Family
Teda International School, China

Student Names: Bei-er (Kaylee) Zhang & Xuan-yuan (Terrence) Zhang

On the evening of March 24, members of the Teda community were invited to a concert of beautiful traditional and contemporary Chinese instruments led by a very talented brother and sister team:  Kaylee Zhang, Grade 3, and Terrence Zhang, Grade 2. Not only did they plan and perform in the concert, they also illustrated the invitations and poster announcements, and donated all of their red envelope money from this benefit concert to the charity of Dagang Sunflower Autism Rehabilitation Center. In total, they raised an extraordinary 12,782 RMB! By involving the community and reaching out to those in need, Kaylee and Terrence have shown how important it is to make a difference where we live. 

Lighting Up Kilinochchi
The Overseas School of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Student Names: Chayan De Silva & Amanda Amarawansha

Kilinochchi was one of the areas which suffered extreme devastation during the 25-year civil war in Sri Lanka. The area is inhabited by Tamils who today continue to face intense discrimination from Sri Lankans due to the war. These Sri Lankan boys have crossed cultural barriers demonstrating empathy, caring and concern for those who are underprivileged. They have established the foundation for Kilinochchi to continue to receive the sustainable, renewable energy providing a better life/opportunity for these who have suffered over the years.

Chayan De Silva designed a highly effective portable solar energy kit to install in economically struggling homes. He sought funding for the kits through local and international donations. Chayan's solar kits were developed, built and tested on his own time at his home.  He collaborated with Amanda Amarawansha to locate 30 homes in Kilinochchi, which were without electricity and were without means of receiving it.

Chayan and Amanda visited Kilinochchi at their personal expense during holidays to visit the homes and ensure the kits could be installed. The actual installations took place during separate holidays. Please note this is an 8 hour drive one way from their homes.

Habitat & Housing assisted with the roof installations, which will be updated in future years. Chayan’s kits & Amanda’s collaboration provided a sustainable, renewable energy resource to those truly in need. Children can now study in the evenings with light rather than candles


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