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Professional Development for Understanding Intercultural Competency

How do the intercultural perceptions of your team impact the way you design school programmes and communications? By looking beneath the surface and understanding the real views of your team, you can find new ways to foster development and grow your school to meet the needs of your diverse population, improving support for students from all cultures.

We will guide your staff through an exercise to evaluate their own perceptions, using the Intercultural Development Inventory ® (IDI®) framework to assess the intercultural competence of your team. How does your staff shift cultural perspectives and adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities in your community? A CIS facilitator will use data from surveys to look at the school community as a whole. The outcome will lead you to consider your strategic focus going forward. Additional training and workshops will focus on areas for further growth.

Leading Schools Interculturally - A Course for School Leaders

This specialized self-guided online course is designed for CIS school leaders to view intercultural relationships, connections and processes in their schools as a given, not just an aspirational end goal. CIS views leading schools interculturally as leadership that supports individuals and groups within the school community to recognize, manage, and navigate the intricacies and outcomes of these relationships, connections and processes. Guided learning using a multimedia approach brings together CIS experts with other global leaders to discuss and model the rationale and theory of leading schools internationally.

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