Carole Denny

Carole Denny has joined the CIS team as a School Support & Evaluation Officer working with schools across Asia. She describes herself as an ‘internationalized Brit’ having been born in UK and then moving overseas after 5 years of teaching and leading. Her overseas experience began in 1990 and she has twenty years of school leadership and management experience in a range of large accredited international schools in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Carole has worked with different systems and a range of curricula, in IB, British style and independent international schools. She has experience introducing and developing bilingual immersion and dual language programmes in Europe and the USA and much of her leadership work has been in ‘internationalizing’ curricula and in the areas of language, culture and global citizenship.

Particular areas of interest and expertise include HR, admissions, student support and EAL; Carole has worked in a consultancy capacity for admissions and EAL. She is also very interested in governance and leadership models. Strategic visioning and planning are strengths. Carole has provided direction and leadership on how best to monitor and improve learning, introducing programmes focused on teacher professional reflection and growth in a number of K-12 contexts.

She has previously worked with CIS in a volunteer capacity and has led schools through membership, accreditation and reaccreditation processes in single, joint and multiple-organization synchronized visits in Europe, Asia and North America. 

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