Posted - 8 November 2017

Collège du Léman International School 

seeks a

Secondary School Guidance Counselor

effective 8 January 2018


Senior/High School




Main Purpose of the Role:
The Secondary School Counsellor is experienced in understanding student needs both within and beyond the classroom. Working with the Learning Support and Counselling Team, the focus is to evaluate individual and group needs and provide appropriate guidance to students experiencing social, emotional and learning difficulties.
Key Responsibilities:
Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • working with the day students, their teachers and other professionals to ensure that the support given is fully aligned with their needs.
  • necessary communication and collaboration with parents.
  • liaison and referral to appropriate outside agencies and professionals as necessary.
  • working in close collaboration with Principals, Assistant Principals, the Learning Support Team, Pastoral Heads, and teachers to achieve goals and meet personal needs.
  • providing socio-emotional support individually and in the classrooms as necessary.
  • providing guidance, consultations and assistance during and after crisis interventions.
  • collaborating with Pastoral Heads in the school-wide integration of the Pastoral Care Program.
  • implementing developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented group activities to meet student needs and school goals.
  • providing individual and group counseling to day students with identified social-emotional concerns and needs.
  • consulting and collaborating with parents and/or guardians, Pastoral Heads, teachers, and administrators (when applicable) regarding students with identified social-emotional concerns and needs, followed by consulting with staff members to accommodate individual differences and needs of students.
  • implementing an effective referral and follow-up process.
To guide respectful interactions throughout our school:
  • by discussing and implementing preventive actions for students with high risk behaviors. This includes weekly meetings with Assistant Principal, Pastoral Heads, and Learning Support Staff (when applicable).
  • by facilitating open communication with other students, faculty and staff, family and community members.
  • by assisting day students individually or in groups, in developing decision-making, problem-solving, and positive human relations skills.
  • by managing and communicating a clear referral process for counseling (internal and external referrals for further assessment, intervention and follow-up).
Individual Counseling
  • Accept student referrals from day students themselves and from concerned teachers, parents or other staff members.
  • Make referrals to outside agencies and providers when specific needs of student and parents exceed service limit.
Student Programs
  • Encourage and develop activities and interactions that respect socio-emotional development of the whole person by creating, structuring and implementing programs with the wider school system.
  • Support the Pastoral Heads in classroom and assembly presentations and small group activities around social and emotional skill development.
  • • Facilitate and lead the Student Well Being Team in conjunction with Pastoral Care Program.

Additional Responsibilities
  • Performing workshops with teachers and staff for professional development.
  • Developing the Counseling Department database.
Reporting Responsibility 
  • Regular supervision with appropriate external personnel.
  • Weekly meetings with Line Manager.
  • Maintaining reliable records and reports.
Graduate Students Internship Coordination/Supervision
  • Organize oversight of intern and practicum students who are earning degree in counseling.
  • Liaise with affected graduate schools in this organization.
  • Arrange for or provide regular supervision to each intern and practicum student.
Skills / Qualities Required:
Required Preferred
  • Qualification MA in Counseling, Psychology or related field
  • Experience An awareness of confidential processes and an ability to respect confidentiality.
  • Exceptional communication skills and strong interpersonal skills
  • Experience initiating professional development in learning challenges/emotional issues
  • Previous experience as a school counsellor within a school environment.
  • Prior Skills and Knowledge Very advanced English written and oral skills.
  • Advanced French written and oral skills.
  • Experience working with gr 6-12 age groups.
  • Sense of organization
  • Ability to take initiative and accept responsibility
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team
  • Ability to listen – empathetic and attentive
  • Patience
  • Good communicator.
  • Ability to work with administrative and regular Office software (Word, Excel.)

Please apply at 

Application Deadline

14 December 2017


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