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Clavis International Primary School, 

seeks a

Head of SChool

effective August 2019

Clavis International Primary School was established in 1991 and became the first primary school in Mauritius to be authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme in January 2002.

We have a staff of 64 members, who are mainly Mauritian, for 547 children. A great many of the Mauritian teachers have worked abroad and have had international experience. Classes range from Pre-Reception (3 to 4-year olds) to Year 6 (10 to 11-year olds.) with an average of 20 per class. Pupils are predominantly Mauritian, with a small ex-pat population of between 15% to 20%, depending on the year.

The curriculum promotes education in a global sense, developing children socially and emotionally as well as academically. The school strives towards developing internationally-minded children within a caring, secure yet stimulating environment, where the children, teachers and parents are all members of a social learning community.

Qualifications and requirements

The Head leads the school’s Pedagogical Leadership Team (PLT) which consists of 4 members, namely Head, Deputy Head, PYP Coordinator and Business Manager. They meet formally once a week to discuss policy matters, identification of needs, teacher appraisal, curriculum and staff development, staffing/recruitment, current priorities regarding school organisation, resources, training workshops and in-service and general implementation of the programme.

The Head is accountable to the Board of Directors in all matters – Curriculum, Organisation, Assessment and Record Keeping and Management.

The successful candidate should possess the following: -

  • Considerable experience in international education, particularly with the implementation of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and involve other colleagues
  • Have undergone at least one IB Programme Evaluation Visits of the Primary Years Programme within the school(s) where they have worked, either as Head of School, deputy or PYP Coordinator.
  • Highly-developed cross-cultural openness/intercultural competence and understanding. The successful candidate should be conscious of and sensitive to the pluri-cultural environment of CIPS and the country in which it operates.
  • Creative and innovative thinking skills.
  • Ability to maintain and sustain the reputation of Clavis within an increasingly competitive market of other IB PYP schools on the island.
  • Thorough knowledge and broad perspective of educational developments and implications of use of ICT within schools.
  • A strong ability to reflect about, lead and manage change.
  • A working fluency in French would be beneficial.
The School

Clavis International Primary School is a non-profit making organisation; all profits are used to finance the school’s needs as decided by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, none of whom receive salaries, fees or any benefits, currently consists of four members who meet regularly every month with the Head of School and the school’s Business Manager.

The school was the first primary school on the island to be authorized in 2002 as an IB World School, offering the Primary Years Programme. The school has undergone three Programme Evaluation Visits from the IB, with the most recent being in June 2016, and invests meaningfully in professional development for staff, who attend specific IB PYP workshops abroad as well as IB ‘Cluster’ workshops which take place at Le Bocage International School, Mauritius. Over the years, Clavis has arranged for top IB workshop Leaders and well-known Educational Consultants to offer workshops, or to come and work at the school for extended periods.

The school’s facilities include a library/media centre, a music room, an art room and from Year 2 to Year 6, each suite of 3 year-group classrooms has its own classroom for the teaching of French, as each of these year groups has a dedicated French teacher to implement the French language programme. In the first Programme Evaluation Visit there was a commendation that Clavis’ pupils were almost all bilingual. There have been extensive building and extension projects over the years as the school population rose to its current enrolment level of 547 pupils. This has mainly been additional classroom blocks, but also includes extended play areas with the purchase of additional land, an ICT laboratory and currently a pavilion for sporting equipment/storage, showers and toilets and a maintenance block. A canteen block is proposed for the near future.

The school has an effective Inclusion Team of 4 teachers for children with Special Needs, who work with children in the classrooms rather than withdrawing them, a counsellor, a teacher for English as an additional language and a teacher for French as an additional language.


The school is literally and figuratively situated in the heart of the island and pupils attend from all regions. Parents are mainly professional people either working for Mauritian or foreign companies or free-lancing with their own business/profession. We have a balanced ratio of Mauritian ethnic groups. Many of our Mauritian families have either lived abroad or travelled extensively. Although English is the official language, French is more widely spoken and creole unites everyone in Mauritius.

Mauritius is very much a ‘rainbow’ nation in the sense that there is a rich cultural heritage from many different ethnic groups, originating from Asia, Africa and Europe. The school uses the businesses, services and different cultural institutions within the community for field trips to collect first-hand data or use outside specialists, experts who are asked to come to school to give talks to different classes related to the Units of Inquiry. Student-initiated action often draws in NGOs and these become regular contacts over the years.

Terms and Conditions

Effective August 2019, inclusive of a transition period of working with the current head during the 3rd Term, (August to November 2019), before taking over in January 2020 (the school follows a January to November school year).

The appointment will be for an initial period of 3 years (subject to work permit approval which the school will seek for overseas candidates) with mutually agreed-upon extensions.

Attractive salary package in line with the job, (income tax rate is a flat 15%) plus car, paid rent.

Application Procedure

Leaders who are interested in this opportunity, should email their CV and application letter to the Chair at

Those interested who already have an up-to-date leadership portfolio with CIS are encouraged to have this portfolio submitted. Please notify CIS at to request submittal of your portfolio.

Application Deadline

Friday 14 September 2018

If the school receives an outstanding application, the Selection Committee reserves the right to make an appointment before the closing date. The review of files will begin as soon as applications are received. Finalists will be invited to Mauritius for final interview to meet with the Search Committee, Board and constituent groups of the school community, with the intention of making an appointment shortly thereafter.


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