Dates: 25 - 26 February 2019
Location: Pathways School Gurgaon, Gurugram – Delhi, NCR ( National Capital region) India

Training on a wide range of child protection issues, specifically tailored to the needs of international school communities

  • 25 February: 08.00 - 18.30 (including evening reception)
  • 26 February: 08.00 - 17.00

During this two-day workshop you will learn about key topics relating to child protection in international school communities. If you are a school leader or counsellor, this workshop will help you strengthen child protection systems while networking with your peers in member schools. The Foundation Workshop provides the information and tools necessary to comply with new international safeguarding standards and accreditation frameworks, and help your school develop processes to better prevent, identify early and manage appropriately all forms of harm and abuse to which your students may be exposed.

This training is tailored to the specific needs of international school communities and will cover: offender behaviour; peer-on-peer abuse; how to receive disclosures, discussing abuse in culturally diverse communities; building a comprehensive sexuality and relationships programme; and effective recruitment practices.

The format consists of a series of keynote sessions, and then you choose a strand for additional learning. The first strand focuses on managing child abuse in international school communities. The second strand focuses on educating students to empower them to protect themselves, and supporting students suffering from harm. Participants are required to select the strand they wish to attend when they register.

  • Ensure school communities possess knowledge and a shared understanding of the signs and risks of child abuse.
  • Develop understanding and common interpretation of the new Accreditation Standards to support the development of effective systems, policies and practices to prevent abuse.
  • Develop knowledge of age-appropriate, healthy relationship education for children and young people based upon new UNESCO and WHO guidelines.
  • Identify problematic sexual behaviour, including peer on peer abuse and virtual abuse, and explore how to support educate students to develop self-protective skills.
  • Focus on challenges facing international school communities as they strive to interpret various cultural attitudes, laws and actions in addressing forms of abuse.
  • Defining and Understanding the Causes and Practices of Sexual Abusers - Identifying Problematic Sexual Behaviour in Young People
  • The Impact of Child Trauma on Learning: Describing the Long-Term Impact of Abuse on Educational Outcomes and Adult Life
  • Empowering Student Voice: Developing Awareness and Self-Protective Skills
Strand Sessions

Strand 1: Developing Child Protection and Safer Recruitment Policies and Practices

  • Developing School-wide Child Protection Policies and Practices; Alignment with New Accreditation Standards
  • Managing Allegations of Abuse in a School Community
  • Communicating in a Crisis: Leadership in Action
  • Effective International Recruitment and Selection Practices; Alignment with New Accreditation Standards

Strand 2: Educating Students and Identifying and Receiving Disclosures of Abuse

  • Identifying Abuse and Handling Initial Disclosures
  • Healthy Relationship Education: Curriculum, Supporting Students as they Navigate Physical and Virtual Abuse
  • Discussing Abuse in Diverse Cultural Settings: Supporting Staff and Families

How to Register

Registration is open to all faculty and staff, including Board Members/Governors at CIS member schools and universities, CIS affiliated consultants and supporting members.

  • CIS member: If you are employed at a school or university that is a member of CIS, register via the CIS Community Portal to receive the exclusive member event fee. 
  • Non-member school: If you are a guidance/university counsellor currently employed at a K-12/high school that is not a member of CIS, learn how to register.
Registration Deadline

15 February 2019

Registration Fee

(excluding VAT)

  • CIS members - €500.00
  • Non-members - €600.00

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